One Hundred and Twenty Kilometers of Embankments will be Improved in Moscow within Three Years

18 October 2019

About 120 km of embankments will be improved within the next three years as part of the program to restore the Moskva River as part of the city landscape.

Currently active work is in progress at Shelepikhinskaya, Presnenskaya and Nagatinskaya Embankments and Marc Chagall Embankment. Plans for the years 2020-2023 include the creation of 40 public areas next to the Moskva River and construction of over 20 new bridges.

During the reconstruction of Marc Chagall Embankment, around 300 trees, 900 shrubs and 15 thousand square metres of lawn will be planted at ZIL. Besides, there will appear 1 km of jogging paths and 520 meters of bike lanes.

This area will also include an amphitheater, two cafés, equipment rental and a wharf. Reconstruction of another 260-meter-long section of Marc Chagall Embankment from Lev Yudin Street to the track of MTsK is to be finished in 2020.

It should be reminded that on September 20 the Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin inspected the reconstruction site at the embankment in the area of the former Likhachev Plant (ZIL).  "It is a unique embankment. It was specially made. It had been impossible to come up to the river before. It is now turned into a first-rate comfortable area for sports and leisure, with restaurants, cafés, bike lanes and places for walking. Special relief protects against noise and wind. It will be one of the best embankments in Moscow", noted Sergey Sobyanin.

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