New Civil Registry Office with Elegant Facades to be Built in Mitino

11 May 2022
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A civil registry office in the shape of wedding rings will appear in the district of Mitino. Vertical ribbed panels and delicate decorative grills on the windows will be used as finishing elements. This was announced by Chief Architect of Moscow, First Deputy Chairman of Moscow Committee for Architecture Sergey Kuznetsov.

“The shape of the building will resemble the official emblem of Moscow civil registry office in the form of two rings and the letter M. The facades are quite consistent with the purpose - a solemn light shade was chosen, there are many details in the decoration, for example, the geometric ornament on the windows attracts attention, which gives the architectural appearance a certain delicacy” - said Sergey Kuznetsov.

Light-colored fiberglass panels are used as the main finishing material. The plinth and porch will be faced with matte granite, and the decor elements will be made of aluminum panels. The central entrance will be decorated with a sign with the emblem of the civil registry office, with backlighting.

Mitinsky civil registry office will appear at 50/1, Dubravnaya Street. The total area of the three-storey building will be about 2800 sq.m. The planning structure divides it into two parts (ceremonial and working) so that the flows of employees and visitors do not intersect.

The territory around the civil registry office is organized as comfortably as possible - there is a parking lot and a rotunda gazebo, made in a classical style with columns, where you can take photo shoots. To illuminate the site, lanterns with two round shades will be installed, in addition, benches will be put, flowers and arborvitae will be planted, and lawns will be made.

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