Natural Park with Descent to Water Will Appear on Embankment Near Beregovoy Residential Complex

29 June 2020
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A natural park with a descent to the water will appear on the embankment from Filyovsky Park to P.N. Fomenko Workshop Theater. This was told by the Chief Architect of Moscow, First Deputy Chairman of Moskomarkhitektura Sergey Kuznetsov.

 "The bank area from Filyovsky Park to  P.N. Fomenko Workshop Theater, inclusively, is part of the general system of embankments of the Moskva River, so the main task of the designers was to develop a concept for its sustainable development and think through scenarios of urban life. On the embankment opposite the Beregovoy residential complex there is an opportunity to organize a city pier. A grand staircase with a descent for low-mobility groups of citizens will lead to it” - said Sergey Kuznetsov. 

The embankment next to the Beregovoy residential complex will visually be divided into two contrast zones - regular and landscape ones. The regular zone is a logical continuation of the architecture of the residential complex, it will house pedestrian, jogging and bike paths. The second one, the landscape zone, thanks to the restored near-water vegetation and the natural bank with a descent to the water, will be a secluded and chamber space, subordinate to the smooth lines and differences of the landscape. Here, residents can spend time near the water, go down to the pier or relax in the shade of trees.

And for the visual connection of this section of the embankment with the surrounding area, a unified design of modular pavilions has been developed. Here one will be able to find cafes, rental offices and recreation areas. Simple manufacturing techniques and durable materials will be used for their construction. 

The concept of the embankment landscaping was developed by Arteza Company. The customer of the project was Moskapstroy, and the designer and engineering consultant was NIIPI IGSP.

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