Multifaceted Glazed Bay Windows - Main Element of House No. 17 on ZIL

17 May 2021
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Assembly of an unusual wave-like facade was launched at one of the houses in ZIL. The architects sought to create a house that will look unusual at any time of the year due to the play of light and shadow on the complex edges of the facade, said Chief Architect of Moscow, First Deputy Chairman of MoskomarkhitekturaSergey Kuznetsov.

«House No. 17 consists of four buildings that form a closed courtyard. It was decided to make one of them in a rich red color, using embossed fiber-reinforced concrete panels, decorative plaster and clinker bricks. Due to the combination of different materials and the presence of bay windows, the body will acquire a wave-like structure. The developer has completed the monolithic work to date and started assembling the facade» - said Sergey Kuznetsov.

The wave-like building is being erected at the intersection of two significant streets of the Zilart quarter — Architect Shchusev and Lentulov. When developing its appearance, the authors of the project — Dutch architects from the SVESMI bureau — were inspired by the aesthetics of the Amsterdam School of Architecture, which is famous for the richness of details and whimsical lines. From here, bay windows appeared, contrasting with the «crystals» of the windows slightly recessed into the building.

«Owing to bay windows, our building acquires a bright character» — SVESMI architects comment on the project. — The plastic dynamics of the facade resembles some well-known Amsterdam houses, for example, «The Ship», or «Our Heart».

Bay windows also made it possible to diversify the apartment planning of the building: many apartments have a completely unique layout. In addition, thanks to bay windows, more light enters the apartments even in the absence of direct sunlight, and the interior of any room visually increases. The same Amsterdam school dictated the choice of facing materials: the building will be finished with red clinker bricks with the addition of plaster and fiber-reinforced concrete.

The total area of ​​the seventeenth house, which is being built according to the project of Meganom Bureau, will be about 66 thousand square meters. The section heights vary from 6 to 16 floors. All the first floors will be occupied by commercial premises — offices and cafes with 48 seats. A two-storey underground parking for 460 cars with a car wash will be located under residential buildings and the inner courtyard. A children’s and sports grounds will be arranged on the landscaped local area, as well as a recreation zone. House No. 17 with related infrastructure facilities will be erected as part of the construction of ZILART residential complex.

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