Moskomarkhitektura Congratulates Winners of Moscow Architectural Award-2019

08 July 2019
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Honoring of the winners of Moscow Architectural Award took place in the capital together with the celebration of Architect’s Day on July 1. Chief Architect of Moscow and Chairman of the judges of the Award Sergey Kuznetsov said that the most difficult choice was in the category of projects for public use, as quality of schools, hospitals, multifunctional centers in the capital has increased many times.

On July 1, Moscow hosted celebration of Architect’s Day and announcement of the results of Moscow Architectural Award-2019 timed to coincide with it. «We have made the most simple and transparent procedure for submitting applications and selecting finalists and winners. Since this year, a declarative system has been introduced — any capital construction project that received an AGR (architectural and urban planning solution) approval certificate in the previous year can be submitted for the Award. The board of judges, to which we had invited architects, city planners, public figures, representatives of the media and the authorities, and whose core team consisted of members of Architectural Council, worked in 2 stages — first they shortlisted the finalists, then selected the winners. The innovation that we introduced this year is definition of nominations after the shortlisting of the finalists. Thus, every year we will be able to respond flexibly to the emergence of projects for new purposes and award them in a separate nomination. So this year, for the first time in our country, sports, and cultural and educational projects formed a separate category. Previously, there was no such nomination, and it is quite possible that it will not exist next year. And, of course, the most important thing is that since last year the Award has become the Award of Moscow, and the winners have been awarded by the Mayor of the capital, Sergey Sobyanin. The official ceremony at his office will take place in the coming days. Recognition at the city level is a big step towards the acknowledgement of the importance of the profession and the contribution of the professional community to the development of Moscow» — said Sergey Kuznetsov.

21 projects in 4 nominations reached the final this year. The winners were the following: in the nomination «The Best Architectural and Urban Planning Solution for an Object of Education and Medicine» — hospital with a birth center in Kommunarka, architect — TPO Reserve; in the nomination «The Best Architectural and Urban Planning Solution for a Residential Building»- a multi-storey residential complex with underground parking , architect — Sergey Skuratov Architects; in the nomination «The Best Architectural and Urban Planning Solution for a Multipurpose Object» — Akademik Multifunctional Business Center, architect — UNK PROJECT; in the nomination «The Best Architectural and Urban Planning Solution for a Sports, Cultural and Educational Object», two projects became the winners: Multifunctional Sports and Recreation Center in Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo (architect — Academician Polyansky Moscow Architectural and Artistic Design Institute), and the project of the entrance group to the Moscow Zoo from the side of Barrikadnaya metro station (architect — Vissarionova Architects). (Detailed list of information on the winners is attached; also see the link for illustrations).

«We initiated another nomination, although not an official one, this year. This is „The Media Personality of the Year in Architecture“, where the leading media sources selected the brightest news-making architect according to the 2018 publications. This is also an important initiative, because one of the objectives of the Award is to promote the profession and that is us who must promote our work, talk about it, and communicate with the media as much as possible. If we want to be heard, we need to speak up» — Sergey Kuznetsov remarked.

Sergey Skuratov, head of Sergey Skuratov Architects, became the winner in this nomination. Moscow Architectural Award was first established in 2017. It is awarded for the development of the most expressive, original, high-quality architectural and urban planning solutions for capital construction projects, the implementation of which meets the challenges of creating a comfortable urban environment and contributes to the promising development of the construction industry in Moscow. Five years in a row before 2017, Moskomarkhitektura had selected the best projects of the year within the Architectural Council of Moscow Award.

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