Moskomarkhitektura Approved Project of Two Buildings in Shagal Residential Area

26 September 2022
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One of them will have smooth lines turning into arched openings, the architectural appearance of the second building is based on a combination of different volumes and textured materials. The landscaping of the adjacent territory is also noteworthy. The structure of the yards will combine two principles: stained glass art and the smoothness of natural forms.

The houses with an underground two-level car park will be built by Etalon Group at the following address: Avtozavodskaya street, vl. 23/70 (YuAO, Danilovsky). Their total area is 33,729 sq. m. The number of floors in Building No. 3 will vary from one to six. Building No. 3 is part of the network of club houses of the site, formed in the central part and framing the pedestrian routes. The height of Building No. 4 will be 1-9-12-17 floors. TheprojectwasdevelopedbyEtalonProekt.

“The buildings will be made in a single color scheme and united stylistically. The facades of the third building will be finished with Jurassic limestone fiberglass concrete panels; for the fourth building, a combination of materials was chosen - light rusticated and smooth glass fiber reinforced concrete, concrete facade tiles in dark colors. Both buildings will be united by copper-colored details, in the first case, these are arches, and in the second, rectangular window slopes,” said Sergey Kuznetsov, Chief Architect of Moscow.

The buildings will be adjacent to private courtyards, a green pedestrian promenade and a game bike and pedestrian boulevard. The concepts of the green promenade by Afa Bureau and the play promenade by UTRO Bureau were developed as part of a unified strategy for the development of a comfortable environment in Shagal district, created under the leadership of Citymakers by order of the developer of the territory.

The planning structure of the yards and the green pedestrian boulevard combines two principles: stained glass art and the smoothness of natural forms. Stained glass lines are responsible for the formation of a road-path system between key functional areas. Smooth natural "islands" become a shaping element in the structure of courtyards. Geoplastics in solutions is designed to create intimate spaces, to isolate active areas of sites from quiet areas, and to create visual diversity along the route of residents.

“From the Novinky backwater and the territories of kindergartens, the site will be adjacent to the continuation of the main cycling and pedestrian public space of Shagal quarter – Igrovoy (Play) Boulevard with educational and interactive elements for children and adults. There will be green recreation areas, private playrooms, information and educational facilities with a story about the history of ZIL, sports areas and bike paths for convenient access to commercial services on the first floors and kindergartens,” added Sergey Kuznetsov.

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