More than 200 Historic Houses to be preserved under Renovation Program in Moscow

26 September 2017

As Juliana Knyazhevskaya, the Chairman of Moscomarchitecture, has informed journalists today, assessment of the state of buildings subject to the new demolition program is currently being completed.

The working group includes experts from Moscomarchitecture, Arkhnadzor, and the Department of Cultural Heritage of Moscow. More than 600 houses have been examined, of which about 200 houses have been proposed to be preserved.

It is planned that the residents will be resettled in new apartments; after that the buildings themselves will be fitted to the surrounding housing. According to Juliana Knyazhevskaya, the buildings could be converted into recreational and community centers, hotels or used for other purposes.

"In October, the final list of residential buildings which prove to be the most valuable in terms of history and architecture will be created; the chosen houses will be preserved and repaired," said Juliana Knyazhevskaya.

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