Michiel Riedijk: ZILART keeps Up with Global Development

21 August 2019

Vesnin Brothers Boulevard will be the main street of ZILART district. It is here that the Hermitage-Moscow Museum Center will be located. The neighbor of the Hermitage, Building No. 10 by the Dutch architect Michiel Riedijk, will be another attention-grabber of the boulevard. The architect first spoke to the news portal of Architectural Council of Moscow about his project at ZILART.

ZILART is unique not only in terms of architecture, but also in terms of the scope of the project - says Michiel Riedijk, founder and partner of Neutelings Riedijk Architects (Netherlands). - It is unlikely that in the world there are projects to transform industrial territory into a residential district which could be compared with ZILART.

The architect said that he and his colleagues, designing Building No. 10, created a building that would be the architectural boundary between Tyufeleva Roshcha Park and Vesnin Brothers Boulevard. As envisioned by the authors, Building No. 10 together with the boulevard, the Hermitage-Moscow Museum Center, Buildings No. 8 and No. 9 will form their own separate, high-quality public environment.

The building by Neutelings Riedijk Architects is conventionally divided into public and residential space. There will be from 2 to 6 apartments on the residential floors of the house. The ceiling will be over 3 m high. The apartments are going to be glazed with energy-efficient double-glazed windows made of multifunctional glass. Owing to a winning architectural solution, many apartments in the building will benefit from views over the city.

The building consists of five interconnected towers of different sizes. In places where the tower narrows, double-sided apartments will be located. The residential towers of the new building will be fronted with dimensional aluminum panels of a triangular shape on a wireframe foundation. All elements of aluminum panels are designed so that a diagonal pattern appears on the building façade”.

The architectural concept of the substructure, that is, the common part of the building, as meant by the authors of the project, refers one to the industrial design of Vesnin brothers. Outside it is a covered gallery with a colonnade, fronted with stone, having stained glass and grill work pieces between the columns.

“The atrium will be located on the first floors in the public space of the building. Here there will be space for shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, and rented premises”.

The atrium is the most prominent part of Vesnin Brothers Boulevard, Michiel Riedijk thinks.  This is the place where visitors to the park, the boulevard and the Hermitage Museum Center meet. The place will attract all kinds of visitors, not only ZILART residents, but also those who came to ZILART to enjoy the urbanistic atmosphere of the district.

 On the lower floors of the building, there will be a swimming pool with a transparent roof and a fitness room.  A common underground parking for this building and Building No.9 has been designed.

A key global trend has been implemented in ZILART by LSR Group today, says Michiel Riedijk.  “A clear line between residential districts, the business part of the city, places for recreation and entertainment is being erased. People want to live close to places where they can get services, they are able and want to work from home thanks to digitalization, they want to live in an energetic part of the city that offers attractive multifunctionality of space. ZILART keeps up with global development”.

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