“Novoperedelkino” metro station is almost 70% complete

27 May 2018
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The competition-winning design of “Novoperedelkino” metro station was updated in compliance with the engineering requirements of underground railroad regulations, as reported by the Moscow Chief Architect Sergey Kuznetsov on Monday.

In 2014, the Bureau from Riga “United Riga Architects” won the international competition for the development of the design concept for the underground station Novoperedelkino. The architects were engaged in the stage “P” of the metro station project design and developed it jointly with OJSC “Lenmetrogiprotrans”.

The main decoration of the station will be sophisticated lamps in the old-Russian style covered by perforated metal panels. Initially, it was planned to make a decorative color highlighting (RGB), however, the experts decided that it might be confusing for the train operators. There was also an attempt to replace the fine-grain white granite from the Mansurovsk with grey one. The constructors were afraid of shortages; however, the first option got enough support and Novoperedelkino station will have beautiful white floors.

“Real life, of course, changed the competitive procedures, since the metro is a complex technological object, and not everything can be done there. Nevertheless, one may say that the authors’ supervision allowed preserving the initial idea with the Russian lacy ornament transferred into the up-to-date materials. The metro competitions are largely supported by the Mayor Sergey Sobyanin, and as we see, give us truly unique original solutions for new metro stations,” said Sergey Kuznetsov.

The station will be located on the intersection of Borovskoye Shosse and Sholokhova Street. It will have two underground halls. The exterior of the station has been changed – it was replaced with a standard design without ornaments.

“Now we are negotiating the option of having the ornament on the glass, at least made with a sand jet. There are other alterations, however we were lucky that the concept is “flexible” and change-proof; it was not lost or wasted. All the modifications, small and large, are mostly connected with the fact that the metro is a high-security facility, very special in terms of regulations and requirements. One needs to keep it in mind in their work. The stations will mostly look as it was supposed to according to the concept, which is a really good and surprising thing”, said the manager of United Riga Architects Evgeni Leonov.

As of today, the station is 60-70% complete, it going to be commissioned in July.

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