Marc Chagall Embankment will have a floating pool

27 September 2018

Marc Chagall Embankment will have a 25-meter floating pool. It will be a floating structure connected to the engineering network, said the Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov. The new residential complex already has a newly developed park.

Mayor Sergey Sobianin has recently inspected it personally. The next in line is Marc Chagall Embankment which will stretch as far as 3.8 km. The developer has an idea to create a year-round pool 25 m in diameter right in the old riverbed of Moskva-River, said Sergey Kuznetsov.

The pool will be a floating structure connected to the engineering network. This solution allows operating the pool even in wintertime. The project completion is scheduled for 2026.

«We should put all our effort and time into such ambitious and large-scale projects as ZILART. We are not just building a residential complex, we’re creating a new point of attraction on the map of Moscow: a new urban environment where life is comfortable. We are currently looking into the technical opportunity of building a pool in the river. I’m sure the pool will become another city landmark. We research the international experience and implement the best solutions here in Russia,» said the CEO of LSR.Nedvizhimost — Moscow, Ivan Romanov.

Pools like this are being built all over the world. Berlin can pride itself on having a similar pool: in the middle of the Spree river, they built a 30-meter long open-air pool. In one of the regions of Chile there is an eight-hectare pool right by the seashore. The water from the ocean is filtered using a special technology before being fed into the pool.

Images: Meganom


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