Lens - shape building began to build in Moscow

10 April 2017
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The construction of a multifunctional business center «Academician» on the site of the unfinished at the metro station «Prospekt Vernadskogo» has begun. The author of the project is the Bureau UNK project. The high-rise part of the building has the shape of a lens, and the pattern of the slats on it depicts a portrait of the scientist Vladimir Vernadsky.

Transport solution envisages separation of access ways to different levels of the indoor parking, thereby reducing traffic density during rush hours to ensure comfort for the employees. The main entrance to the building and entrances to the parking are separated from each other to the greatest possible extent and located at different facades. The main parking is situated in the stylobate of the building: underground (levels −2, −1) and aboveground (floors 1, 2).

The main entrance to the business-center is located on Prospekt Vernadskogo side. The landscaped area forms a pedestrian street along the main facade with recreation facilities, trees, lawns and an attraction spot—a large sculpture in the form of glasses. The drive-way leading directly to the main entrance of the business-center is provided. At the entrance to the underground parking zone there is an unloading area for trucks. The territory is maximally connected with the surrounding transport routs; along the roads walkways are provided protected with parking poles. The structure and image of the complex integrate harmoniously into the urban environment. The project site has variable elevation marks. Floor lines of the commercial spaces conform to the surrounding terrain, thus the street becomes a part of the ground floors of the building.

The building is a single complex, consisting of several different functional areas; its image combines modern European architecture, functionalism, monumental architectural style of the district and natural landscape elements. The building has two volumes. The stylobate is a four-storey rectangular volume with the main entrance canopy and entrance to the underground parking. The main fourteen-storey volume is designed in the form of a lens. This design visually turns the high-rise volume of the building into a light-weight structure and opens the view of the adjacent building of the Moscow Regional Union of Consumer Cooperatives (MRUCC) from Vernadsky Prospekt side. The main volume of the building is made with vertical decorative elements—slats, with some fragments descending to the stylobate volume. The use of slats helps to combine visually two building volumes into a single complex. Entrances to the office-centre are made in the form of portals for comfortable navigation and protection of employees and visitors from rain.

Functional areas on the ground floor are maximally integrated into the urban environment of the district. On the ground floor there are small shops intended for district residents and the business-center’s employees, entrances to the complex and hotel rooms, driveways to the underground and aboveground indoor parking. The entrance to the office center is a spacious lobby with security zone, reception and elevator hall. The opposite facade has utility services rooms accessible from the street. The ground floor is mainly occupied by trade and catering enterprises, their and business-center’s storage premises. On the other sidewall, which is closer to the subway station, there are entrances to the hotel rooms.

Two underground levels (-2, −1) and two aboveground floors (1, 2) of the stylobate are occupied by the parking for employees of the business-centre. The underground parking can be accessed from the side facade via a ramp from the ground level to the 1st underground floor. The entrance to the aboveground parking is situated at the longitudinal facade from the MRUCC side at the ground floor level. The parking lot is «pitched»; the ramps there are formed by sloping slabs which serve as traffic ways between the levels and on the floors and form car storage space.

On the third floor of the stylobate there is public catering, hotel rooms and office space. Hotel accommodations (6 apartments) are oriented to the courtyard—in the direction of the MRUCC building. Office space is oriented in the direction of Prospekt Vernadskogo. Catering is located on the corner of the stylobate and oriented in the direction of the MRUCC and Prospekt Vernadskogo. The public catering facilities include production area—kitchen, hall with a separate vip-room, private café zone and sanitary conveniences.

The first floor of the main volume—the fourth floor of a building—accommodates the necessary technical premises, office of the management company of the building, engineering and technical services, security, cleaning crew and service personnel’s premises.

In the main volume of the business-centre there is office space. The elevator hall has panoramic views due to its translucent walls and partitions. The staircase and elevator section accommodates the necessary technical facilities and sanitary conveniences.

The roof is unexploited with an access way for equipment maintenance.

MATERIALS: The exterior facade finish is made in compliance with general safety and fire safety requirements for finishing materials and facade systems.

The facades of the stylobate are faced with double-glazed units with enlightened glass; the main volume of the office part is finished with low-emissivity glass having a reflection coefficient not less than 10% with vertical decorative elements—aluminum slats (color RAL 9016). Different design sections of the slats create a portrait of Vladimir Vernadsky and one of his teaching themes. The portrait is formed with slats that have smaller sections and can best be seen from far perspective points. The entrance portals to the business center are made of light gray natural stone. The longitudinal facade from the MRUCC side is faced with dark gray fiber-cement panels and vertical elements—slats.

Land area—about 0.575 ha

Built-up area—3 858 sq. m

Paved area—939 sq. m

Driveway area — 961 sq. m

Maximum height point—82.275 m

Number of floors—20 floors (18 aboveground, 2 underground)

Gross floor area of the building—47 117.3 sq. m

including, underground—8 896.2 sq. m

aboveground—38 221.1 sq. m

Area of technical and storage facilities in the underground and aboveground parts of the building—2 955.3 sq. m

Area of hotel rooms—1 021 sq. m

Shopping floor space—1 424.5 sq. m

Cafes, restaurants and public catering—1 204 sq. m

Office space—26 433.3 sq. m

Utility space—266.5 sq. m

Garage—13 812.7 sq. m

Net internal area — 43 208.6 sq. m

Total structural volume—136 558 cub. m

Number of car-places in the indoor parking—520


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