In Moscow, more than 100 km of embankments to be modernized

26 September 2016

At the present time, about 108 km of embankments are in varying degrees of development, said Sergey Kuznetsov, Chief Architect of Moscow, during a business branch with ID Kommersant. In particular, the embankment in Luzhniki will be reconstructedby the end of the year.

Answering to the main question of the debate, was organized by the Publishing house Kommersant Publishing House. Is there a reserve in Moscow for new construction projects, said Sergey Kuznetsov — the global scale of the master plan of Moscow has a lot of opportunities for development. Thus, today a significant direction is the reserve of areas along the river. “This project has big plans, good prospects, and the mayor Sergei Sobyanin pays much attention to it, said Kuznetsov. Even where there are no investors, there will be a serious development. For example, about 40 kilometers of natural embankments on the North-West of the city are planned for the next three years”.

Kuznetsov said that at present the issue of creating a unified embankment from Moscow-City to Mnevniki was being considered. “It will be as pedestrian and transport thoroughfare of the city with an access to the river front”, said the Chief Architect. He also said that about 11 km of embankmentsdownstream of the river from the Novospassky Bridge and around the ZIL are in the implementation stage.

“Where the embankment is built, we need to come with a new level of improvement, the opportunities for improvement are always there”, said Sergey Kuznetsov.

He said that in the North-East of Moscow there are already a number of implemented improvement projects, for example, in the districts of Pechatniki, Brateevo, etc. Also a large amount of territories is now in the stage of design and research.

In the implementation of mega-project, the development of the river initiative, according to the Chief Architect, is key. “If there is somewhere pressure and encouragement, you can’t expect that business become organized itself ”, said Sergey Kuznetsov.

Earlier Sergei Sobyanin, the Mayor of Moscow said that according to the program of development of the river in 2017, about ten Moscow’s embankments will be reconstructed, including the ones adjacent to the Kremlin embankment, the extension of the Krasnopresnenskaya embankmentand embankmentsin the Luzhniki.

According to the press service of the Mayor and the government of Moscow, by 2018 it is planned to reconstruct about 30 of the existing embankments, among them areSadovnicheskaya, Sophiiskaya, Raushskaya, Kosmodamiansky, the extension of the Simonovskaya embankmentforsupporting the ZIL and the Island of dreams playland in Nagatinskaya floodplain and etc. Also, the embankmentswill be constructed within the framework of development projects of Nikolo-Arkhangelsk and Moscow’s Tushino airfield.

Images: Kommersant



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