Hotel with Sculptural Volume Will Appear in Krasnoselsky District

14 March 2022
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A hotel with a sculptural volume will appear in Krasnoselsky District. GAFA Architects, a Russian architectural bureau is working on the project, said Sergey Kuznetsov, Chief Architect of Moscow, First Deputy Chairman of Moscow Committee for Architecture.

“The main volume of the facade overlooking Rusakovskaya overpass has a sculptural solution with undercuts and expansion of the building volume. The ends of the building are also decorated dynamically. Modern materials are used for decoration: clinker tiles, natural wood panels, composite panels,” Sergey Kuznetsov explained. 

A ten-storey hotel will appear at the address: 1st Krasnoselsky lane, vl.15/17. In addition to hotel rooms, the underground level provides for a one-story parking for 30 cars.

“The dynamism of architecture reflects the nature of the rich and exciting life of modern man. This is a project for active and business-minded people with a flexible lifestyle, for whom, in addition to renting a place, it is important to have a comfortable co-working space for remote work, an opportunity to practice morning yoga, go to a bar in the evening or spend time in a quiet garden,” said Grigorios Gavalidis, founder of GAFA Architects Bureau .

The project uses clinker of several shades of gray, wood and bronze-colored composite panels, terrace railings will be painted to match. The slopes on the windows are also emphasized.

The hotel on Krasnoselskaya provides for the opportunity to work remotely in locations on a landscaped area, an accessible roof, or in your room. Going in for sports, gaining new skills or holding meetings with business partners is possible in the coworking space of the training center. On the ground floor of the hotel there is a restaurant with a terrace overlooking the landscaped area.

The combination of modern approaches to the architectural volume and landscaping brings the hotel space to a new level, where the psychophysical state of the guests will be as comfortable as possible.

Images: GAFA Architects


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