From Khimki Reservoir to Kapotnya – five more embankments to be improved in Moscow

09 January 2019

At the moment a detailed elaboration of five concepts of the embankments along the Moskva River is in progress, which are: next to the Khimki reservoir, on the Shchukinsky peninsula, near Zhivopisnaya street, section of the embankment under Saburovsky Rail Bridges and the bank in Kapotnya district. Chief architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov told ‘VM’ about it.

“When State Autonomous Institution ‘State Research and Design Institute for Urban Development of the City of Moscow’ had analyzed the city-planning situation, the project hypothesis of the development of the selected sections was formed and, subsequently, specific offers that will make embankments accessible to the locals and guests of our city were worked out,” told Sergey Kuznetsov. 

According to him, the embankment of Khimki Reservoir can become a new centre of activity near water: rearrangement of boatsheds into sports, commercial and entertainment sites will certainly please all fans of active lifestyle in the district.   

Shchukinsky Peninsula is a unique place in the city which is a part of the Protected Area ‘Moskvoretsky Park’. It stays aside from the megapolis busy pace of life, red-listed species of animals and plants can be found here. It is suggested to form an ecopark on the Shchukinsky peninsula, with ecological paths and restricted access to the territory, where locals could learn more about their city’s nature.

Near Zhivopisnaya Street access to the river is restricted due to complex topography of the territory and proximity of industrial sites. Peculiarity of the section is Sobolev stream that flows into the Moskva River and accentuates the uniqueness of the embankment, while combination of high hills and stream in the lowland creates a cozy space for promenade and relaxation of the residents of Shchukino District.

“A number of proposals were formed for this zone: comfortable walking route from the residential buildings to the Moskva River embankment through the pedestrian serpentine along the Sobolev stream, and near the place of influx into the river there is a project of pontoon bridge to link the pedestrian route to the Shchukinsky peninsula,” marked Chief Architect of Moscow.

The next section is an embankment under the Saburovsky Rail Bridges. It is proposed to create a zone of activities, install children’s playgrounds and exercise machines, form a comfortable safe connection to other parks-embankments of the city for free movement of Moscow residents to any chosen area.

Joint bicycle and pedestrian route will be created along the embankment in Kapotnya District. For this purpose, first of all, a complex reorganization of the street and road network will be conducted, which includes providing of openness of the territory to pedestrians.

Let’s remind, that in 2014 international competition for design of the concept of development of the territory adjacent to Moskva River was held. Since 2015 the winning concept, created by Meganom Bureau headed by Yury Grigoryan, has been worked through. At the moment, Moskomarkhitektura in collaboration with State Autonomous Institution ‘State Research and Design Institute for Urban Development of the City of Moscow’ and architects are working out the concepts.

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