Dates of the public hearings on the renovation program were announced

31 March 2019
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On March 28, 2019, a conference took place in the Press Center TASS of Moscow dedicated to the beginning of the public hearings on area planning projects within the renovation program. The chairperson of Moskomarkhitektura Yuliana Kniazhevskaya and the chief architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov talked about the objectives of the upcoming public discussion and answered the journalists’s questions.

The public hearing on the renovation program will start on March 28. The exposition for the first six projects will take place in the following neighborhoods: Solntsevo, Ochakovo-Matveevskoe, Ivanovo, Metrogorodok, Northern Tushino, Mitino.

The district expositions are scheduled for April 4-10; in the meanwhile the residents can see the planning projects, ask questions and submit their suggestions to the projects for the renovation areas. The meeting of the participants of the public hearings will take place on April 11. All the information about the venue and the time of expositions and meetings is available through the Information Center of the program.

“We built our renovation work with Muscovites as a dialogue, we really appreciate feedback. Public hearings allow us to get a hands-on response from the locals to the design project solutions. On April 4 we’re opening the Information Center, where everyone can get comprehensive information on the first public hearings on the area planning projects in the renovation program organized and six neighborhoods of Moscow: Solntsevo, Ochakovo-Matveevskoe, Ivanovo, Metrogorodok, Northern Tushino, Mitino,” said the Chairperson of Moskomarkhitektura Yuliana Kniazhevskaya.

The information center will be open at: Moscow, 6 Brestskaya str., opening hours: every day from 12 AM to 8 PM. You can also contact the call center at: 8-499-401-0101 on work days from 9 AM to 6 PM. We prepared a 3-D simulation of the new renovation projects and mockups for the public.

“Today we are presenting the first six area planning projects. They are located in the Western, Eastern and North-Western District of Moscow, they are different in area, complexity, and planning features. We were trying to create a high-quality and accessible urban environment in the renovation areas, and all the projects were designed with due respect to the existing social and cultural facilities, daycare facilities, schools, clinics, and transport infrastructure,” said the chief architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov.

The first public hearing will take place in the following neighborhoods: Solntsevo, Ochakovo-Matveevskoe, Ivanovo, Metrogorodok, Northern Tushino, Mitino. They will have new contemporary areas with social and transport infrastructure, parking lots, landscaping, safe playgrounds, recreation areas and athletic facilities.

The planning projects were developed by Moskomarkhitektura, Institute of General Plan of Moscow, NIiPI Gradplana, GlavAPU. The area planning projects contain such indicators as population size in the neighborhood or district, possible demolition and new construction, as well as the “red lines” – the boundaries of areas under existing facilities or facilities to be built. During the public hearings, the residents will see the planning projects they have provided feedback on.

Kniazhevskaya reported that after the public hearings the deadline for new construction and resident relocation will be determined.

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