Construction fence around Zaryadye Park has been removed

30 October 2017

The construction fence around Zaryadye Park has been removed, and the park is now accessible around the clock from any side. Before that, the only entrance was from Moskvoretskaya Street, though there were several exits.

“The fence was a temporary measure designed to streamline the inflow of visitors on the first days after the park opened to the public, when many Muscovites and tourists were eager to see the new park. With the removal of the fence, the street space around the park has become free and the park is open to the public around the clock, as originally planned. The park’s pavilions are open from 2 pm to 8 pm Mondays and from 10 am to 8 pm the rest of the week,” Zaryadye Park Director Pavel Trekhleb said.

The park continues to improve and is becoming more convenient for visitors. A parking lot for 430 cars opened on 23 October, and the park’s navigation system has been improved at people’s request: several dozen additional temporary directional signs have been installed around the park. They will gradually be replaced with permanent signs. A mobile app about the park’s flora will be made available in November.

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