Avant-garde Floating Spa Center Will Appear on Marc Chagall Embankment

01 July 2020
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A new infrastructure will appear during the landscaping of the new green space of the capital - Marc Chagall Embankment in the Zilart quarter. It will be a complex of near-water structures on pontoons, including a spa and swimming pools. The complex will be located in the old channel of the Moskva River, said the Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov.

“The landscaping project was developed by the Genplan Institute of Moscow with the participation of the Asadov architectural bureau (AB ASADOV). The concept refers to the avant-garde trend in art, one of the prominent representatives of which was Marc Chagall. Recognizable features of this direction were used in the development of both planning solutions and individual small architectural forms. I’m sure that a floating spa with outdoor pools will be another attraction point of the embankment” - said Sergey Kuznetsov. 

In addition, three pools, a steam room of 15 square meters and a recreation area with locker rooms and showers will be built as part of the complex of the structures. For safety reasons, the complex on the water will be fenced around the perimeter.

“We wanted to create a unique space, which over time will become a favorite recreation spot for Muscovites”  - Anna Badanova, head of the workshop for designing urban environment facilities at the Genplan Institute of Moscow, shares her plans. “The functional diversity of our recreation area will vary leisure for both residents of the Zilart quarter and other Muscovites.” 

The final design of the complex will be determined during geological studies of the bank area. It is planned that the spa complex will work 12 hours a day and serve from 15 to 20 people per day.

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