Artistic Gymnastics Center in Luzhniki is almost ready

23 April 2019
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The construction of Irina Viner-Usmanova Artistic Gymnastics Center in Luzhniki is almost over. It will host its first competitions as early as this summer.

The architectural concept was developed by the Russian architects from TPO Pride. The chief architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov was the head of the design team. Engineering and structural solutions were developed by Metropolis.

The building is decorated with 25-26-meter-high stain glass panels. The roof is in the shape of a flying ribbon. Aluminum seam roofing custom-designed for the complex geometry of the roof was selected. The roof was decorated with 3.4 square meters of triangular golden mosaic.

The AGC project previews the creation of an infrastructure both for exercising and competitions, including at the international level. The center includes a training and competition arena for 4 thousand visitors with partially completed bleachers (904 seats) and VIP boxes; three exercise gyms, two choreography studios and a machinery gym; service rooms for athletes, coaches and judges, including a medical and recovery center and a small hotel for athletes, as well as a press center. Mosinzhproekt is in charge of the construction of the 23.5 square meter structure.

Images: Photographs: Ruslan Krivobok/ Mosinzhproekt Press Service

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