Architectural Council Supported Project of Public and Business Complex on Leningradsky Prospekt

26 October 2022
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The Architectural Council of Moscow supported the project of a public and business complex on Leningradsky Prospekt, developed by UNK bureau. The high-rise part is made in a modern style and resembles a goblet in shape, and the architects proposed to make a small park on the stylobate.

“According to the sum of opinions, I propose to support the project, while we ask you to consider all the comments received today in detail. For example, with regard to proposals for the silhouette and height, we, as the Committee (note - Moskomarkhitektura) are ready to work on the limitations of the city development plan for land, if such an initiative comes from an investor and an architect. As for the urban planning situation, I want to say that even before taking up my current position, I was working on a master plan for this territory, and just in this form and with such a landing, the proposed solution fits perfectly here and is executed at a high level, ”said Sergey Kuznetsov, Chief Architect of Moscow.

The complex with an underground parking lot of Hals-Development Group of Companies is planned to be built on a triangular-shaped site at the address: Leningradsky Prospekt, 36, Building 13. In the immediate vicinity is the VTB Arena Park complex, the Town of Artists on Maslovka, the Dynamo stadium and the same name metro station, which determined the context for the creation of facades plastics.

The building is divided into two sections: a 2-story stylobate part, determined by the shape of the site, and a high-rise part, reaching 150 m above the ground level.

“In terms of facade solutions, many options were worked out, in the end we chose a neutral path, considering that an expressive silhouette would be enough. Light-colored fiber-reinforced concrete and sprayed glass will be used to finish the facades. The rhythm of the tower is comparable to the rhythm of the surrounding buildings: equal three-level tiers are united by vertical pilasters that move with a half-step offset relative to the previous tier,” said Yuliy Borisov, head of  UNK bureau.

The volume of the high-rise part is created by the transition from a regular octahedron at the base to a square, due to which the building resembles a goblet from a distance. The horizontal and vertical elements of the façade mesh are made in the same plane, while the glazing is recessed. The exception is the last floor, where the metal lamellas form the crown of the tower.

The stylobate is made in the neoclassical style: the regular rhythm of the columns, the finish made of light-colored fiber-reinforced concrete, the glazing recessed relative to the plane of the colonnade - all this highlight the plasticity of the facade. It is planned to set up a small park on the roof so that office employees can relax.

Images: UNK bureau


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