Architectural Concept of Residential Compound near Alekseevskaya Metro Station Approved

14 August 2017
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Moskomarchitektura approved architectural and urban planning solution for the multifunctional residential and public complex at Novoalekseevskaya str., vl. 16, bldg. 1. The project is inspired by the style of industrial buildings of late XIX century, because the compound is close to the historic site where a pumping station of Mytishchinsky water supply system is located.

The compound consists of several multi-storey buildings having 5-9-15-19 floors which form a closed pentagon with 11 sections. The project envisages individual façade patterns for each section. It also includes landscaped courtyard space; the ground floors will accommodate commercial premises at the outer perimeter of the buildings. The underground level has parking space for 621 lots.

In addition to this, the residential compound includes a built-in two-storey kindergarten to accept 125 children with the total area of 2,171 sq. m. The total area of the whole complex will be 70,048 sq. m.

«It is not a coincidence that the architectural concept of this project is associated with the style of industrial buildings of late XIX century; part of the residential compound is located within the boundaries of the cultural heritage site — Alekseevskaya pump station. At the same time, the project has modern design: the houses will have red brick cladding combined with aluminum composite panels, natural stone and architectural concrete,» said the Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov.

Deliberately enlarged grid in the decorative framing of windows will enhance the continuity with the historic industrial architecture. Also, a lot of attention is paid to details such as air vents and installation of outdoor air conditioning units which will be hidden behind decorative grids.

The project designer is SPEECH Bureau.

Images: SPEECH

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