Allegoria Mosca project on Ostozhenka street might be completed by 2020

11 March 2019
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Preparatory operations for Allegoria Mosca construction project have started in the downtown area of Moscow, at the intersection of Ostozhenka and Prechistenka streets and Prechistenskie Vorota square. This was announced by the chief architect of Moscow, the first deputy chairman of Moskomarkhitektura, Sergey Kuznetsov.

The concept was developed by the architectural studio Kleinewelt Architekten, which is also the chief designer. The project consists of a residential building and a large museum and community center connecting the White and the Red 17th century chambers.

In November, the concept of Allegoria Mosca was approved by the Archcouncil of Moscow. According to experts, the project takes into account the complexity and versatility of this place, as well as its historical context. The architects proposed to make the new structure open to the public and create a new landmark on the cultural map of Moscow.

“The facades will be decorated with large brutalist arches layered on a regular grid of windows: the architects decided to combine in their concept the ancient Moscow chambers and the Italian palazzo style, they did a very thorough research on the heritage sites and added new cultural and social functions. The completion of the project is scheduled for 2020, the work has already begun,” said Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov.

“It is a real challenge: working in such a location is like performing a complex surgery. Our research showed that there is an infinite number of layers of history and events: ancient chambers, a tectonic fracture of the relief in this part of the city, which historically influenced the class distribution structure, traces of work by Aristotle Fioravanti. The response to this variety is an architectural play, the plot of which is the city and its history, and the stage is the courtyard between the White and the Red Chambers. The facade of the new building is the preps for this play. It has become the main visual emotion of the project,” said Nikolay Pereslegin, partner at the architectural studio Kleinewelt Architekten.

Stroyteks Group is the investor of the project. Bureau Citymakers will be in charge of cultural programming of the new complex: the bureau was a co-author of the Zaryadye park concept, which has received international recognition. According to Kleinewelt Architekten: “The paperwork for this project is currently under review. However, since the investor has already obtained all necessary permissions for the area from an earlier project, this allows him to begin preparatory work at the site.”

Images: Kleinewelt Architekten


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