Akademik BC to be completed in Q2 2019

26 December 2018
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Akademik Business Centre with its façade featuring a portrait of the academic Vladimir Vernadsky will be finished in Q2 2019, at the moment in-citu concrete works have been accomplished, Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov told.

The business centre with the area of 47,000 square meters and the underground 520-space car park is located at 41 Prospekt Vernadskogo. The author of the concept and general designer is UNK project under the leadership of Yuliy Borisov.

The core 14-storey section of the complex is lens-shaped, which neutralizes its thickness. The design of the project emphasizes techniques specific to its architectural environment, which are monumentality and functionalism integrating contemporary architectural techniques with the reference to the district’s history. The portrait of the great scientist is formed on the façade by means of diverse cross-sections of aluminum fins. Specific technological feature consists in the use of the decorative element, which is attached to the façade system and becomes a part of it. The building is being constructed in compliance with LEED standards.

 “Use of fins is a widespread technique in architecture, and vertical façade elements are peculiar to the development of Prospekt Vernadskogo district, which had been formed in 1960-1980. In our case architects achieved interesting visual effect with the use of standard façade system. The best view of the portrait of the academic Vladimir Vernadsky will be get by drivers and pedestrians from the opposite side of the street. The structure is planned to be completed in Q2 2019”, explained Sergey Kuznetsov.

Functions of the first floor are open and integrated in the urban environment: small shops, cafes with the engineering and storage facilities are situated here. Traffic solution provides separation of the approaching roads to the different levels of underground car park, thus, decreasing the traffic during rush hours. The project has been approved by Moskomarkhitektura earlier.

Images: UNK project

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