Ai-architects Designed Recreation Area with Glamping Near Moscow

24 January 2020
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In Lytkarino, a town near Moscow, a recreation zone Volkusha with glampings, an eco-school, nice beaches, an amphitheater and a skiing center will appear. The author of the improvement concept was the Moscow bureau Ai-architects.

The town of Lytkarino is located on the left bank of the Moskva River, 6 km from MKAD to the south-east of the capital. The landscaping project, developed by the Ai-architects team, involves the creation of a high-quality and environmentally friendly recreational zone on the territory of Volkushinsky quarry located here.

 “This place has unique potential for development. The most diverse natural landscapes are combined here - an irrigated quarry with sandy beaches, dense forests, hills and steep slopes” - said Ivan Kolmanok, partner and head of Ai-architects. - So far, the residents of Lytkarino have been the main visitors to the quarry. The most popular time to visit the area is weekends. Our goal is to create an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient all-year-round forest park with modern infrastructure and fill it with various functionalities. For the territory to come to life, it needs new users. It is necessary not only to attract them, but also to keep them”.  

Improvement will be carried out in stages, from general to specific. The preliminary stage involves the informational preparation of residents for the upcoming transformations, environmental education, the organization of public events, such as garbage collection, and their involvement in the process of improvement. The work on the social and cultural design of the territory was carried out jointly with YO-architects.

The first stage includes tactical transformations and delicate improvement of the territory, creating the basis for new functions and infrastructure, gradually attracting a new target audience. At the second stage, modernization and a full launch of the introduced functions are planned, and the third stage is introduction of brand new facilities.

Communication with the city will be provided by a separate entrance group. “It will resemble an inverted forest with trunks of different radii. The glass used in its construction will be made from local quartz sand. This is a reference to history - Lake Volkusha was formed on the site of a quarry, which at one time was famous for a rare deposit of pure quartz sand and sandstones” - Ivan Kolmanok explained.

The main public circulation will be organized along the stairs with viewing platforms, ramps, places for recreation and trade. The route will connect the forest and beach part of the territory and lead to a multifunctional amphitheater, in which it is planned to hold events and concerts in the open air.

Various beaches will be connected by a single path. One of them will house a demountable summer cinema and an amphitheater for spectators. A flat stage for concerts will be organized in front of the screen. On the main beach there will be a mooring for boats, sun loungers with awnings, a playground, a cafe, a workout area, and in the wooded part there will be a barbecue area. A transformable tent area for events of various sizes (up to 120 people) and formats, including banquets, parties and conferences, will appear on the so-called “upper beach”. The main income will come from leasing the property for holidays. For business events on weekdays, mobile partitions are provided, which will allow holding up to 3 conferences simultaneously.

The territory improvement project also provides for the creation of an eco-route along which information stands will be installed. An educational trail with areas for quiet relaxation, meditation and book crossing is also suitable for a leisurely walk. Various activities are also provided here, such as quests and excursions. The logical point for the start and finish of the trail will be an eco-school - a kind of construction set, each element of which contains various functions. The school will hold master classes and lectures on ecology and gardening. Transformable partitions allow you to transform spaces depending on your needs.

Glampings (a kind of camping that combines the comfort of a hotel room with the possibility of outdoor recreation) will be located in different areas of the forest park. The main ones will be placed on the site of the existing campsite and in the quieter southern part of the territory. Glampings on the water will be arranged on a quiet private beach. Ai-architects propose that the tents be made not in the usual triangular shape, but in the form of a trapezoid. This will help to more rationally use the internal space and create places for storing things, and one will be able to enjoy a view of the starry sky through the glazed roof of the tent.

In winter, a skiing center will be located on the territory and a ski route will be created, as well as a skating rink and a pier for winter fishing. In summer, the building of the skiing center can be used as a bike rental point, and the ski route will become a pump-track for cyclists. In addition, modular baths will be located on site. They are set close to glampings and barbecue areas. In the future, a yoga zone with removable stoles, a football ground, and a rope park may appear in the forest park.

Architects, together with the Zoloto Group, have also developed the branding of the territory. “The fir forest, the name of the lake, Volkusha, its shape, trapeze tents - all these images are reflected in the logo we created. It will be used on flags at the entrance groups, company documents, souvenirs and navigation systems” - concluded Ivan Kolmanok.

Images: Ai-architects


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