Administrative Complex of Luzhniki

31 January 2017
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Administrative Communication Center of Luzhniki Olympic Complex is located in the south-west of the Central Administrative District of Moscow and bordered by Komsomolsky Prospect, the Third Ring Road and Luzhnetskaya Embankment of the Moscow River.

The site of Luzhniki ACC is located in the part of the territory adjacent to the Third Ring Road from the right side and on the left of Zolotarevskaya substation. It is divided into two parts, that’s why it is designed in the form of two buildings of equal height. Both buildings are planned to be seven-storeyed (the last floor is partially technical).

On the ground floor in each of them there is an entrance lobby, service and utility spaces, sanitary conveniences, access ramp to the underground parking, and premises for commercial functions. From the first to the fifth floors inclusive there is office space, hallways, sanitary conveniences, service and utility spaces. The sixth floor has offices and technical premises, some of which have 1.8 meters of height. In the basements of both buildings there are underground car parks and technical premises.

Building 3 is a construction with a complex shape, which is due to the necessity to ensure the safety of the existing underground structures. Building 4 consists of three semi-detached buildings standing on the common volume of the underground car park. The buildings’ detachment is formed with the help of office space from the direction of Third Ring Road. Each building has a group of elevators leading directly to the park.

Entrances to building 3 and to all structures of building 4 are implemented uniformly from the direction of Novo-Luzhnetsky Proezd. The space in front of the entrances is organized in the form of high loggias corresponding to the construction scale of the Luzhniki Olympic Complex.

The space between the structures of building 4 is intended for outdoor cafés and other kinds of commercial usage during the warm season, as its one side is separated from the negative impact of the city main roads and the other side is open in the direction of the park and the river, which makes this space attractive. The ground floor layout includes areas that can be used to realize this potential.

The facade of the complex is planned to be made of modern materials using SFS technology (suspended facade). The design of the facade is expected to be corresponding to the construction scale and design of the Luzhniki area and is to emphasize the identity of the structures with the architectural ensemble of the Olympic Complex. The facades facing the direction towards the Third Ring Road are to have a reduced area of glazing to protect against noise and other negative impacts. All other facades are to be open to the greatest possible extent in the direction towards the park.


The external finishing of facades is to comply with the general and fire safety requirements applicable for finishing materials and facade systems. The external walls are reinforced-concrete. Natural stone and ceramic granite, RAL 1015, is used for facade decoration. Glazing is performed with the use of triple-pane windows with low emission coating, color RAL 9006. Stemalite RAL 5005 is used to imitate window openings.

The project was approved by the Architectural Council of Moscow in 2016.


Building area — 6,533.27 sq m

Total area — 47,986.61 sq m

The area of above-ground floors — 39,986.44 sq m

The area of underground floors — 8,000.17 sq m

Total structural volume — 248,320.95 cu m

Above-ground structural volume — 213,315.00 cu m

Underground structural volume — 35,005.95 cu m

Number of floors — 7 floors

Height — 30.5 m

Authors of the Project: Design Institute of unique structures «Arena»


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