A Stamp with the Floating Bridge Was Defaced in Zaryadye Park

08 February 2018
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The formal ceremony of defacing a stamp with the image of the Floating Bridge on it took place in the media center of the Zaryadye Park.

The chief architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov, the Minister of the Government of Moscow, the head of the Department of Culture of Moscow Alexander Kibovskiy, the director of Zaryadye Park Pavel Trekhleb, the regional manager of Russian Post for the Macroregion Moscow Alla Bondarenko and the deputy head of the Federal Communications Agency Vladimir Shelekhov were the ones to put the first seals on the stamps.

«Even while working on the park, we all thought about when it will be possible to say: yes, there is a result. We thought that when a stamp with an image of the park appeared, it would be the proof of the result. We were all kids and when we looked at the stamps and places depicted on them, we thought it was something genuine, something real. This is the acknowledgement,» said Kuznetsov.

The Russian stamp to be soon available in the offices of the Russian Post shows the floating bridge over the Moskva-River with the background of the Kremlin and Europa logo. The value of the stamp is 28 rubles, the circulation is 184 thousand. For us, this is certainly an important event, a landmark, a recognition of the success of our project. And perpetuating the floating bridge in the stamp is also a very important stage. We hope that we will continue to cooperate with Russian Post and the numerous attractions of Zaryadye will also be represented in the same way," said Pavel Trekhleb.

Every year, the Association of Postal Operators of Europe PostEuropa holds a competition for the best stamp issued on a pre-determined theme. The theme of 2018 is Bridges. The best stamp will be selected in two categories: open voting and voting by an expert jury. Voting for the best European stamp will begin in May 2018.

«We are counting on winning this competition, because the bridge is unique, especially since there are amazing engineering ideas not only in its design, but also in its purpose. Our bridge will help our stamp win. And our stamp will help our bridge to win even more people over, so that they come to our city. This is the first time when Zaryadye Park becomes part of the postal payment symbol, in this case the stamp. But I have no doubt that we have a lot of things here that are worthy of being immortalized in a stamp. I really hope that our cooperation in this direction will continue,» says Alexander Kibovskiy

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