A 3D façade imitating a cabin in the woods: What other unusual fitness and wellness centres will be built in Moscow

10 September 2018

Fitness and wellness centres in the constructivist and futurist style will be built in Moscow. Two new family sports and fitness centres with spacious gyms, indoor playgrounds and swimming pools will appear in the Northeastern and Zelenograd administrative areas.

A constructivist building with panoramic windows and façades imitating a cabin in the woods will be built at: 59 Anadyrsky Proyezd. A sports centre with a futuristic 3D façade will be located on Aleksandrovka Street. The design projects for the future sports and wellness centres have been approved by Moskomarkhitektura. «New buildings for sports centres will incorporate the modern sports and fitness trends. By imitating wooden facades, solar shading decorative fins and other design details our architects can create a comfortable space for sports and recreation,» says Sergey Kuznetsov, Moscow’s Chief Architect.

Imitation of wood and athlete silhouettes

The fitness centre in Anadyrsky Proyezd will have five floors. The upper floor will have rooms for coaching and staff; on the fourth floor there will be a children’s swimming pool with dressing rooms, shower rooms and a waiting room for parents. The third floor will host exercise gyms. The first and second floors will be a combined area with two swimming pools for adults, Jacuzzi, shower rooms and dressing rooms. The new sports centre will have 5,000 square metres of floor space. According to the project the architectural face of the building will be performed in the style of Constructivism. Rectangular façades will be finished with wood-imitating panels. The building will have panoramic windows. According to architects’ idea outdoor panels with the silhouettes of swimmers, runners and gymnasts will evoke associations with sports.

Designed by: KOMOKS LLC.

Panoramic windows and futuristic 3D façade

The new sports and fitness centre on Aleksandrovka Street in Zelenograd will be a three-storey building. It will have over 4,500 square metres of floor space. Exercise gyms will be on the third floor; indoor courts for volleyball and basketball on the second floor. The ground floor will house swimming pools for adults and children, a separate swimming pool for aqua aerobics, shower rooms, dressing rooms and a sauna. The design project of the building suggests panoramic windows and a 3D façade in the futuristic style. It will be made of numerous green metal fins imitating wild forest. They will protect the swimming area and gyms from hot sun.

Designed by: TOP PROJECT LLC.

Another fitness centre with a 3D façade will be built in northwest on Tushinskaya Street near the Krasny Oktyabr stadium. It is planned to build 51 sports facilities in the capital over three years. A four-storey fitness and wellness complex with gyms, massage rooms and a sauna will be open in the Gagarinsky District. A centre with a swimming pool, dressing rooms and gyms will be built in Novo-Peredelkino. A sports complex with a swimming pool, exercise rooms and a parking area will appear in the Preobrazhensky District. Thirteen sports facilities will be put into operation already this year.

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