30 Projects Made It to Finals of Moscow Architectural Prize

25 March 2022

This year, projects in five nominations are competing for the main Moscow award in the field of architecture and urban planning. Out of the 125 applications submitted, 30 made it to the final, said Sergey Kuznetsov, Chief Architect of Moscow.

Traditionally, the nominations of the Prize have been formed in response to trends in the market of design services — for example, in addition to social facilities and houses under the renovation program, this year high-rise facilities have been placed in a separate category, which is associated with a significant amount of redevelopment of former industrial zones and the formation of new urban centers in areas of the so-called. Big City, Fili, Maryina Roshcha, Dmitrovsky, Volokolamskoye Highway, etc.


A serious competition is going to be in the nomination of commercial real estate — here, such iconic city projects as an underground multifunctional complex as part of the TPU on Paveletsky Square and a public and recreational complex on Tverskaya Zastava Square compete for the first place, along with equally high-quality smaller projects — hotels and residential complexes in important urban locations.

In the transport nomination, as in the previous year, projects of new metro stations are presented, which speaks not only of the steady pace of commissioning of the metropolitan subway, but also of attention to the architectural qualities of the facilities.

According to Sergey Kuznetsov, Moscow Architectural Prize, which is operated by Moscow Committee for Architecture, every year provides an indicative cross-section of the design services market and forms important guidelines for its participants.

«The award not only marks the most outstanding projects, but, most importantly, it supports specific architects who work for the city with their effort, talent and energy. Transparent and democratic entry to the competition gives a chance to compete for the award to any architectural companies, including young ones. The more people who make a positive contribution to the development of the city, the better, so our first priority is to encourage professionals who obviously deserve it,» said Sergey Kuznetsov.

«I am happy that this year we have seen not only a lot of high quality projects, but also the reflection of important trends in these projects. Thus, the minimalism of elite architecture, indicating the high quality of materials and attention to detail, has become characteristic of mass housing projects. We now see clean, elegant, concise solutions in the projects of residential buildings of business and economy class. In my opinion, this trend is especially noticeable in the projects Kleinewelt Architekten and ADM the architectural bureaus. If we talk about the most memorable projects for me, then these are, first of all, the Luzhniki Sports Palace, Paveletskaya Square and ZIL-YUG,» commented Tatyana Guk, director of Moscow General Plan Institute.

Julius Borisov, head of UNK said, «Last year, many strong, first-rate projects were released that received an architectural and urban planning solution. This is a consequence of the fact that the market was at its peak and there was ultra-high competition among both developers and architects, which led to the highest quality of projects. And, as usual, the best will win».

Oleg Torbosov, founder of Whitewill, «I can’t say that the choice was difficult. Although I am not an architect, many of the projects are very familiar to me because we sell them. And despite the fact that all the objects at the Prize are completely different — by class, by stage of readiness, it was not difficult to determine the best. It was nice to see a selection of such beautiful buildings».

Let us recollect that the competition is held by the Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning of Moscow and any capital construction project that received a certificate of approved architectural and urban planning solution in the previous year can be submitted for the award.

In order to cover a wide range of objective professional opinions, the jury, in addition to well-known practicing architects, includes a wide variety of industry specialists, developers, editors of professional mass-media etc. The winners of the Prize will traditionally be announced on July 1 on the Architect’s Day and, according to the terms of the competition, will receive an award in the amount of 1 million rubles.

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