16 Moscow Projects to be Introduced at WAF

24 May 2019

16 Moscow projects are submitted to this year’s prestigious World Architecture Festival Awards. The projects include the Rhythmic Gymnastics Center and the Water Sports Palace at Luzhniki, Tyufeleva Roshcha Park at ZIL, Sberbank Technopark in Skolkovo and others, said the Chief Architect of Moscow, First Deputy of Chairman of Moskomarkhitektura, Sergey Kuznetsov.

Last year 13 projects of Russian architects were among the best. For the first time, not only projects from Moscow, but also from St. Petersburg, Sochi and other cities were presented. In ‘Masterplanning’ nomination, the prize went to the project of reconstruction of the historical center of Kaliningrad, and in ‘Schools’ category it was awarded to Boris Eifman Dance Academy. Studio 44was the author of both works. The Grand Sports Arena of the Luzhniki Sports Complex and Zaryadye Park were also shortlisted for the final.


“We have the first fruit of international recognition, and popularity of Russian architecture is increasing in general. In practice, the formation of a global image has a powerful effect inside the country. As a person who has always lived in Russia and understands the specifics of the processes, I observe that public recognition and popularity of this or that object, in particular professional recognition, is usually confined to opinion from outside. From the very beginning, we and the team started to promote Moscow projects in a public space, make open competitions, invite experts. Of course, the 2018 World Cup was very helpful in this, when there was a lot of positive feedback from foreign guests. The list of this year’s WAF participants may be much longer - the more our projects will enter the international stage, the better. You can see 16 participants from Moscow so far - these are top-ranking objects, and I am sure that each of them is able to compete for the award”said Sergey Kuznetsov.

The Rhythmic Gymnastics Center and the Water Sports Palace at Luzhniki, Tyufeleva Roshcha Park at ZIL, Sberbank Technopark and Skoltech in Skolkovo, Zaryadye Concert Hall, Multifunctional Complex in the place of former Badaevsky Brewery, and otherswill enter the competition this year.

The World Architecture Festival (WAF) Award is one of the most prestigious awards at the events dedicated to the architecture and development industry. According to the rules of the festival, both Future Projects (future building concepts) and Completed Buildings (buildings constructed in the previous year and a half) can participate in the competition and be presented to a judging panel. The WAF Final will be held in Amsterdam from 4 to 6 December.

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