12 Focal Points will Appear in the East of Moscow

19 June 2019

Institute of Urban Planning and System Design (IGSP) has developed (as part of My Area Program) improvement projects for 12 public spaces located in the Eastern Administrative Okrug of Moscow.

After the work is completed, the spaces will form a network of focal points or centers of attraction, which will improve the quality of the environment in the area, diversify the residents’ leisure, and make the streets beautiful and safe. Improvement of the urban environment and public spaces is the most important direction of development of all modern cities.

In 2019, My Street Program was replaced by My Area Program, which will create a unified high standard of quality of life for all Muscovites, in whatever area they live. Creating equal opportunities and equal comfort for all citizens is the current priority of the city authorities. Thus, improvement of Baikalskaya Street will form a «green promenade», that is an eco-friendly and convenient route for residents, which will connect Losiny Ostrov Park with other green areas of the city and outer Moscow.

According to the concept, the entire length of the route will be filled with places of various functions, such as small public spaces with meeting areas, fitness areas with professional street fitness equipment and a pump track, a children’s playground with a two-level street game complex. The architectural and artistic concept of Russkie Uzory (Russian Patterns) public garden in Polymernaya Street suggests that the space should have its own «face». Complex improvement, landscape architecture and modern design will help the area become comfortable and safe for residents; it will also be adapted for use by people with limited mobility. Playgrounds will be renovated; children’s playing facilities, swings, merry-go-rounds, a slide, a sandbox, as well as benches for parents will be installed there.

There will also be a bike lane and a quiet area with small architectural forms. In addition, part of Federativny Prospekt, area around the ponds in Krasny Kazanets Street, Perovskaya Sloboda Public Garden, part of Sirenevy Bulivard, Ivanovsky Forest Park, Lukhmanovskaya Street and others will become places of attraction improved and arranged according to IGSP projects.

IGSP is a member of QUITE WHITE collaboration, which is engaged in complex development of territories, urban planning and architectural and construction design, engineering and environmental and urban planning research, landscaping and improvement.

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