Artistic Council approved further improvement of Tverskaya Street

22 May 2017
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The Artistic Council of the Moscow Committee for Architecture and Urban Development supported the comprehensive improvement project for Tverskaya Street—from Pushkinskaya to Tverskaya Zastava Square. 

The project land, consisting of Tverskaya and Pervaya Tverskaya-Yamskaya Str., is a continuation of the previously improved section—from Manezhnaya to Pushkinskaya Square. The project was developed by OOO “GLAVSTROYINVEST”. The concept, devised by the winners of the international competition 2016—Yaroslavl Architecture Studio “Plan-B”, was used as the baseline by the project designers.

According to Tatyana Guk, Deputy Chairman of Moskomarkhitektura and Chairman of the Artistic Council, the project promotes the concept idea of restoring the “green” look of Tverskaya Street with linden trees, various paving and cozier and more comfortable pedestrian spaces.

The transport scheme of the section on Tverskaya from Pushkinskaya Square (Nastasinsky per.) to Triumfalnaya Square, and Pervaya Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street remains unchanged. Only the width of the roadway is to be unified and shall be equal to 25 meters; and there will remain four traffic lanes in each direction. Moreover, the sidewalks of the adjacent streets and alleys will be expanded by optimizing the width of the roadway up to 3-4 meters. Parking spaces are planned to be created there.

Pursuant to the project, the pedestrian crossings will be raised to the level of the sidewalks and will be paved with natural granite. The pavement is to have areas highlighted in different colors: technical—for lighting poles and road signs, pedestrian zones and areas in front of building facades. Paving in transit pedestrian zones varies due to the use of multi-format tiles: their size ranges from 300×300 to 900 mm×900 mm.

Large-sized linden trees reaching a height of 8-9 m will be planted along the sidewalks that have enough space. The trees will be spaced at intervals of 9 meters. The Artistic Council recommended to plant trees taking into account pedestrian flows from underground passages and concentration of people at public transport stops.

Another experts’ recommendation concerns placement of small architectural forms—benches, litter bins, bicycle parking facilities. The members of the Artistic Council do not recommend setting benches close to the fronts of buildings because of the danger of snow fall in winter, and they clutter the pedestrian pathways, in particular, near the InterContinental Hotel (Tverskaya 22).

The Council supported the proposal to create multiple-level street lighting with the use of 11-meter historic lamps corresponding to My Street Program, and neutral torchiere lamps with a height of 5 meters for public areas. Also, it is recommended to consider the thematic festive decorations of the street for special occasions.


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