Moskomarkhitektura’s Stand about Metro Became the Best at ARCH Moscow Exhibition

29 May 2019
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Diploma of the International Exhibition of Architecture and Design ARCH Moscow for the best exposition was awarded to Moskomarkhitektura. The exhibition stand about metro was designed by Buromoscow team in cooperation with students of architectural universities. Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov was the supervisor of the exhibition.

“Development of public transport, especially metro, has been the priority direction in the policy of Mayor Sergey Sobyanin recently. The Moscow Metro has always demonstrated comfort, innovative ideas, the beauty of space and details. Moskomarkhitektura, in its turn, is doing its best to ensure that this tradition continues, and each station has its own unique and memorable appearance. The themes of metro and competitions have been combined at the stand of Moskomarkhitektura this year. The concept of space, called the “Meeting Place”, was developed by students under the supervision of Buromoscow mentors”- Sergey Kuznetsov said.

Moskomarkhitektura takes an active part in making the business program of ARCH Moscow Exhibition, and also demonstrates latest city projects. This year, the committee and the project on architectural education and career “The Open City” held an internal competition within the stand, and invited for participation the teams that were the authors of the new metro stations, that is Buromoscow, Blank Architects, ai-architects, Nefa Architects, Zabor. Work on the concepts was carried out together with students of leading architectural universities and organized in the form of workshops.

The Board of Judges of the competition included Sergey Kuznetsov, Chief Architect of Moscow; Mikhail Beilin and Daniil Nikishin, founders of the Citizenstudio bureau; Nikita Asadov, Head of the Asadov Architectural Bureau; Ilya Mukosey, lecturer at the School of Design at the Institute of Social Sciences RANEPA, founder of  mukosey architectural bureau; Irina Kuznetsova, supervisor of Moskomarkhitekturaexhibition and educational programs; Victoria Raubo, ex-head of the Strategic Projects Department of Moskomarkhitektura; Sergey Glubokin, Deputy Head of the Architectural Council, and Andrei Popov, Head of the Public Relations Office of Moskomarkhitektura.

As a result, a team supervised by architects from Buromoscow became the winner. The team included Anastasia Shabalova (Moscow Architectural Institute), Polina Vlasova (Moscow Architectural Institute), Dmitry Garin (State University of Land Use Planning). Their project “Meeting Place” united all nine new metro stations.

“These completely different nine competition projects are united in the central space of the exhibition to tell their story. Composition elements are characteristic images that make it easy to recognize each station, that is fish from Nagatinsky Zaton, an arch with sunrays from Solntsevo, a huge round ball from Sheremetyevo, and so on. On the one hand, this is an exposition model, on the other hand, it is a lounge area for exhibition visitors. Neutral white was chosen as the main color, which reminded of the architectural layout to many”- Sergey Kuznetsov added.

Also a presentation and discussion of the results of the competition “Architectural Design of an Exhibition Stand: From Idea to Implementation” took place at ARCH Moscow on May 16. The event was attended by students, supervisors from the architectural bureau and members of the board of judges. The participation of students in the competition was held in the framework of the educational project “The Open City”, which is supervised by Moskomarkhitektura, and which is held in Moscow for the 4th year in a row.

Let us recollect that since 2014 four competitions have been held, during which the concepts of nine stations, really interesting and bright, were chosen. They are Solntsevo, Mnyovniki, Karamyshevskaya, Rzhevskaya, Stromynka, Nagatinsky Zaton, Klenovyi Bulvar, Novoperedelkino, Sheremetyevskaya. According to Sergey Kuznetsov, this is undoubtedly a step forward both to promoting the profession and discovering new names in architecture.

Images: Buromoscow


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