Sergey Kuznetsov became the curator of the Russian pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2016

17 February 2016

The Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov became the curator of the Russian pavilion at the 15th Venice architecture Biennale. The Chief Executive of VDNKh Catherine Pronicheva was asked to be the second curator (co-curator). The exposition will be devoted to the Exhibition of National Economic Achievement.

In Moscow, the curator of the Russian pavilion was nominated for the 15th International Architecture Biennale to take place in Venice from May 28 to November 27, 2016. It is the Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov. The co-curator is General Director of VDNH Ekaterina Pronicheva.

Sergey Kuznetsov believes that the today’s development of VDNH is a precise reflection of the theme of the upcoming Biennale, which was titled by Alejandro Aravena as Reporting from the Front. ‘The frontline of today is where people expand their environment, that is, between the known territory and the unknown. A most prominent and significant example of it is VDNH – a unique architecture and nature complex with the total area of 500 ha, which used to be almost abandoned and today, before our eyes, is turning into a multifunctional cultural and educational space equally accessible for everyone and offering every visitor something that would please their mind and soul in a unique and individual way’, - says Sergey Kuznetsov.

Urban development strategies, modern architecture and integration of various cultural practices helped to restore the VDNH gravity centers and turned the exhibition into a space of equal opportunities, which meets the needs of people in the 21 century. VDNH is the embodiment of the ‘frontline’, where the battle for hearts and minds is led by intellectual, cultural and educational means, and it has become the focus to the exposition in the Russian pavilion at the 15th Architecture Biennale in Venice.

It is not the first time that Sergey Kuznetsov takes part in the International Architecture Biennale in Venice. In 2010, he participated in ‘Factory Russia’ project created for the Russian pavilion exposition; in 2012, he was the co-curator of ‘i-city/i-land’ exposition of the Russian pavilion, that got a special mention of the Biennale jury. In 2014, Sergey Kuznetsov was the curator of the exposition project ‘MOSKVA: urban space’, a program parallel to the 14th Architecture Biennale in Venice.



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