Season of summer cafes starts in Moscow

15 May 2017

According to Tatyana Guk, Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning (Moskomarkhitectura), after the new requirements for outdoor (summer) cafes No. 102-ПП (Government Decree) had been introduced in Moscow, a lot of cafes with beautiful furniture and high-quality design appeared in the streets of the city.

Entrepreneurs intending to establish summer cafes, designed in accordance with the standard architectural requirements No. 102-ПП, need not agree on their projects with Moskomarkhitectura.

«102-ПП do not restrict cafe owners in the possibility to create an individual project designthey are free to choose any colors, materials, format, design of furniture, and logos for each cafe,» said Tatyana Guk. «Cafes are still different in their format and color range, but equipped according to the uniform principles. From my point of view, it is a significant advantage for entrepreneurs. It is worth noting that a lot of high-quality, designer furniture appeared, and green spaces are used as hedges.»

Let’s remind that the Government Decree of the City of Moscow No.102-ПП provides for standard architectural and artistic requirements for outdoor (summer) cafe projects. They specify the height and area of verandas, and prohibit certain materials and structures: «It is forbidden, for example, to use bricks or iron sheets and build something like sheds or tents made of banners,» added Tatyana Guk.

According to her, during 2016, 28 applications for approval of individual design projects were submitted; «only two of them were approved, as the others tried to get approval on the model solutions, to be safe, but this is not required,» said the Deputy Chairman of the Committee. «This year we have already agreed on two very interesting individual projects.»

Also, the requirements No.102-ПП establish 4 types of compact summer cafes with a width of 1.1 m; this year their parameters will not be changed.

«As for cafes in park areas, they shall be designed according to the style of the whole territory of the park. So that you could see at once where you arein Sokolniki, VDNH or Gorky Park,» said Tatyana Guk.



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