Residential сomplex, approved by the Archcouncil, to build on Malaya Ordynka

24 April 2017
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The residential building is being built on the site of demolished Soviet buildings. Its level supports the frontal line of the buildings on the street and allows forming an inner courtyard.

The main façade is visually divided into three separate «Buildings», which, in the opinion of Andrey Romanov, ties the new structure to the multi-scale buildings of the street.

The Council received 4 options of facades: using stone and wood framed by windows, with a relief brick lining in red color, in a light brick and a light stone with openwork balcony lattices.

Archcouncil preferred the most ‘radical’ fourth option: one of the three parts of the house is made entirely from glass, while the other two «facades» — with the use of brick, stone and stained glass. This option allows creating a visual break with the neighboring red-brick building of the Higher School of Economics and makes the building more heterogeneous and characteristic of Moscow.

The entire first floor is also made with display glass to accommodate various public functions.


The members of the Architectural Council unanimously endorsed ADM for the good quality of design and sophistication in details, as well as for a good presentation of materials. The project was approved.

Authors of the projects: ADM: Architectural Dialogue with the Metropolis


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