Project of residential complex near Moscow Conservatory approved

04 May 2017
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The Moscow Committee for Architecture and Urban Development approved the architectural city planning solution for the reconstruction project of the group of buildings at Bolshaya Nikitskaya street, 9/15 that will be converted into a multifunctional residential complex with a hotel and underground parking.

The complex of buildings is located in the block between Bolshaya Nikitskaya St., Bolshoy Kislovsky, Sredniy Kislovsky and Maliy Kislovsky pereulok and next to the Moscow Conservatory complex.

The project envisages preservation of the historic perimeter block structure, partially covering the yard at the level of the ground floor and vertical extension of the building along Bolshoy Kislovsky pereulok. On the basis of on-site survey, historical and cultural study of the valuable historical buildings of the XVIII-XIX centuries was performed. The building facades at the perimeter of the block will be restored, except for the fragment of the building from Sredniy Kislovsky Pereulok side, where guidelines do not provide for preservation of the historic facade and where the entrance to the underground parking is planned to be constructed.

It is also expected that the inner walls of the building of the XVIII century with its main facade overlooking B. Nikitskaya Str., 9/15/2 bld. 1, which was specified in the plans of the architect M. Kazakov, will be restored. The renovated complex will accommodate the Bulgari hotel and residential quarters. In addition, the ground floors will have shops and a restaurant with the entrance from B.Nikitskaya street. The two underground floors are designed to have storerooms for the apartments of the residential area, parking and SPA center.

«As Mayor Sergey Sobyanin mentioned, private investment in restoration is growing in Moscow. Moreover, today the quality of development in the protected areas is much higher. We know cases that were implemented through preservation or restoration, and loss events happened, thus the public outcry shows that we still have some problems. But in this project the proposed solution not only preserves, but also adds a contemporary quality to the site, which is very important,» said the Chief Architect of Moscow, Sergey Kuznetsov.

The maximum height of the roof under the project is to be 23.15 m (4 floors + mansard). The total area of the building — 19,585 sq. m., including residential area — 6,285 sq. m., hotel — 6,000 sq. m. Parking Capacity — 50 lots.

Designer: Citterio SpA in cooperation with architectural studio «Atrium».


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