Palace of Water Sports at Luzhniki to become a cutting-edge swimming facility

25 April 2019
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After the reconstruction the Palace of Water Sports at Luzhniki stadium has become a cutting-edge swimming facility with new technologies. The project was developed by UNK project.

The six-story sports complex with the total area of 56.5 thousand sq. m will have three professional and recreational pools, a waterpark with nine water rides, gyms and training halls, a SPA zone and a food court. The Palace of Water Sports will also have a surfing simulator that generates artificial waves.

This complex will not only be the largest in Moscow, but also the most comfortable one. The building will have several areas for comfortable relaxation for professional athletes and swimming aficionados.

‘The interior of the pool will be predominately in white, gray, blue and shades of metallic. The walls and the pillars will be covered with fiber panels and glass, and the floor will be made from natural stone. The main design element will be geometric shapes: rains. They will be reproduced in the decoration of the partitions, walls and ceilings, in the shape of pools, fountains, lighting fixtures and interior decor,’ said the chief architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov.

He added that in summer visitors of the swimming complex will be able to suntan under the open sky. In warm seasons the transformer roof will slide open.

The interiors will be decorated with tropical palm trees in planters shaped like fisherman bones, colorful volleyballs, frisbees and kites. In the hall, there will be a metal wire sculpture of three swimmers. The height of the sculpture will be 5 meters.

On the first floor and there will be a mall with sportswear, a bar, and changing rooms. The pools will be on the second floor. One of them, with ten 50-meter long lanes will be mailed following the Olympic standard. There will also be two 25-meter pools.

The pools will be equipped with a digital screen airing competitions and sports schedules. It will also display air and water temperature and time.

The waterpark occupying a part of the first, second and third floors will have swimming and children’s pools, hydro massage and a thermal pool with outdoor access. There will also be nine rides: from children’s rides to extreme ones.

Surfers will appreciate the new simulator that generates artificial waves in the pool. The height of the waves can be controlled using a switch: the highest level of the water is 2 meters from the pool edge.

There will also be a new spa complex with several kinds of saunas, jacuzzi, beauty salons and a recreational area with lounge chairs. The fifth floor of the swimming complex will have gyms with changing rooms and showers.

The opening of the new swimming center at the stadium is scheduled for September.

Images: UNK Project


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