New Life of Izmalkovo Estate

17 July 2019
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Manor of the nobility Izmalkovo in Moscow Region will be restored and turned into a boarding house of Podari Zhizn (Gift of Life) charity foundation. Rozhdestvenka Architect Bureau together with ARTEZA landscape design company and Parkovaya Restavratsia (Restoration of Parks) Company worked out a concept for the development of the manor and a project for its transformation into a new type of building.

Izmalkovo Estate belonged to an old noble family of the Samarins for many years. The architectural complex began to take shape in the second half of the 18th century. In the 1830s, a two-storey wooden manor house in the Empire style was built. In the early 1930s, cottages of the Peredelkino literary community grew around the estate. In terms of significance for the Russian social and cultural life of the late 19th century, Izmalkovo can be compared with Abramtsevo Estate, one of the centers of theater and art life. Today it is a cultural heritage site of regional significance.

The main task was to reinterpret the estate life and adapt it to the lives of future guests. The main house, outbuildings and facilities will be restored. The boarding house and its territory are designed so that everything here contributes to the joy and good mood of its little inhabitants.

The two-storey mansion in the Empire style is the heart of the restored estate. Architects are planning to open a leisure center here. A wide lime alley will lead from the main gate to the front entrance, and behind the estate there will be a place for outdoor games and walks.

On the territory of the old apple orchard there will be houses with private courtyards, where 140 families will be able to live at the same time. Near the new building, in the shade of trees, they will equip a large playground for children of different ages and physical condition. A playground and a workout area will be organized in the eastern part of the estate.

The territory will also include a recreated historic greenhouse and a small vegetable garden where children and parents will be able to grow herbs and vegetables.  A round platform near the Samarinsky pond will be built for relaxation and camp-fire meetings.

 Historically there was another, artificial pond on the territory. Having restored it, the architects organized a new public space for concerts and festivals with a stage and an amphitheater.

A deep natural ravine leads from the artificial pond to the large Samarinsky pond. The ravine will be turned into an ecological path, where trees and shrubs located at different levels from the ground will allow observing the natural territory from new angles.

Images: ARTEZA landscape design company


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