New 200 meters high architectural symbol of Danilovsky district

19 April 2023

A skyscraper will appear as part of Paveletskaya City residential complex. It will be able to compete with the famous Mary Axe ‘cucumber tower’ in London by Norman Foster and the Torre Agbar in Barcelona. The main feature of the project is decorative white lamellas that run through the entire building and resemble the movement of magnetic waves. This was said by Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov.

Moskomarkhitektura agreed on the third stage of the project, which is being implemented by MR Group and Level Group in Danilovsky district, at the address: Dubininskaya street, vl. 59-69. Architectural solutions have been developed by ADM bureau. Compositionally, the complex consists of two residential skyscrapers — building 10 (29 floors), building 11 (56 floors), a one-story building A, which will house offices, an operation service, an entrance to an underground parking lot, and a two-story building B, which will house a fitness center.

The main tower is called the Premier Tower, its height will reach 207 meters, the second one under the name Frame House will be 100 meters high. All buildings will be united by an underground parking designed for 430 cars and 17 motorcycles.

«The project provides for the construction of a skyscraper with aluminum profile lamellas that resemble the movement of the magnetic waves of our planet. An observation deck is provided on the roof, above it a decorative screen rises to a height of 4 meters. Terraces for penthouses will be located at the ends of the building. The skyscraper will undoubtedly be one of the most spectacular buildings in Danilovsky district,» said Sergey Kuznetsov.

The silhouette of the dominant Premier Tower is formed by articulated volume: it expands in the middle and narrows again at the top. In the lower part of the building, the slats thicken and pass into the front canopy. This element forms the concept of an address, so important for architecture, immediately drawing the eye to the main entrance. The second high-rise building, Frame House, will have complex plastic facades due to the use of metal cassettes with convex shapes in the decoration. In fact, this is an allusion to a large-scale mechanism assembled from many parts and gears. And whereas glass was chosen as the main material in the dominant tower, giving it additional lightness, brutal metal elements are responsible for the charisma.

«When designing an ensemble of two towers, we sought to create an elegant sculpture in a modern author’s style and form a new urban fabric of the metropolis,» commented the authors of the project, Andrei Romanov and Ekaterina Kuznetsova, founders of ADM bureau.

Buildings A and B are detached low-rise constructions. A double facade is used in the design of the outer walls: perforated metal cassettes of a wave-like shape are installed on top of the plaster as a second layer. At the level of the first floor there are zones for placing advertising signs. The entire territory of the complex is a landscape park with small architectural forms. It is planned to make several zones for quiet and active recreation, plant trees and shrubs here. Paveletskaya City residential complex is being built in the prestigious Danilovsky district.

The first stage includes five buildings of variable height from 9 to 46 floors. The second stage consists of four buildings from 27 to 42 floors. The infrastructure of the residential complex is made according to the principle of «vertical city». All stages of the residential complex will be united by a single territory of improvement.

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