Krymskaya Station Will Be Decorated with "Seagulls and Sails" Lamps and Artistic Compositions

27 September 2021
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Floating lamps designed in the form of seagulls and sails will be the main decoration element of Krymskaya Station (the Troitskaya line). They are going to be associated with the Crimean sea cost. Also, two artistic compositions “Crimea – the connection of times from antiquity to the present day” will be installed above the escalator, said Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov. 

Krymskaya station (operating name - Sevastopolsky Prospekt) of the Troitskaya line is being built in Donskoy District.  It is going to be a transfer station to the station of MCC with the same name, which is located at the intersection of Sverzhevsky Street and Sevastopolsky Prospekt . According to the project, the entrance to both stations is carried out through a common entrance group.

“Moskomarkhitektura approved the design of Krymskaya station. The platform part will be decorated with floating lamps in the form of seagulls and sails, which will remind one of the sea coast of Crimea, and create a romantic atmosphere. The design is dominated by steel colors: the ceiling and the main columns will be made of aluminum honeycomb panels, the walls and floors will be made of light gray granite with dark inserts”- said Sergey Kuznetsov.

Above the escalator, on the end walls, two artistic compositions "Crimea - the connection of times from antiquity to the present day" will be placed. They will be performed in the form of flat graphic elements and installed at a short distance from the background pictures applied to the aluminum honeycomb panels, which will decorate the rest of the hall.

Krymskaya will have one ground lobby, which will be made in a style and colors similar to the station. The main material of the facades is polished marble combined with granite elements and stained glass structures. Also, the upper tier will be closed with aluminum horizontal slats. In addition to the standard set of premises (ticket office, escalators, etc.), the pavilion will also include a building for operating personnel.

Designer – Metrogiprotrans JSC.

Images: Metrogiprotrans JSC

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