Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment to be Prolonged and Improved

14 August 2016

Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment will be improved in two stages: section from Smolenskaya Embankment towards the Moscow-City with the length of 2.3 km will be finished in 2017, and prolongation towards Shenogina St. — in 2019. There will be bicycle paths, benches, cafes and various urban amenities, which will turn the deserted embankment into a full-featured city street, said Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov.

“As Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin announced, Krasnopresnenskaya and Shelepinskaya embankments will be connected with 2.8 km stretch. Now territories contiguous to the Moskva River are deserted, which is no surprise — there is nothing to do here now. As part of improvement we will create a comfortable urban environment, where one can ride a bicycle, chill out near the water, and do some shopping. Our aim is to turn the embankment into a full-featured street, which will function as a part of the city, attracting people, and will open an access to the river. Of course, not everywhere it will be stuffed with various amenities as „Luzhniki„, with its pool houses, bicycle rental and other sport services, but some public services, trade outlets, public catering will be there for sure“, — says Sergey Kuznetsov.

It is planned to perform paving of sidewalks with granite tiles, settle comfortable urban furniture, litter-boxes, new lanterns, information booths with Wi-Fi hotspots. Two-sided bicycle path will be marked out for bike riders. Intense planting of the embankment is going to be the key element of the improvement, as it is practically devoid of greenery now. All in all, over 140 trees and 1000 shrubs will be planted and 17.7 ha of lawns will be arranged.

The embankment will preserve its transportation function and will have four-six-lane carriageways, though by means of their narrowing up to 3.25 m, pedestrians will get some extra space. It will also hold parking lots, public transport stops, parking places for buses and taxes. To enhance accessibility to the embankment it is planned to arrange additional pedestrian crossings.

According to the Chief Architect, prolongation and improvement of Krasnopresnenskaya embankment is a small part of a big project of urban space creation and territory development along the city’s main waterway. “The length of the coastline of the Moskva River within the city is 200 km, whereas its largest part is occupied with industrial areas and intensive traffic. We are going to remedy this situation in the framework of a common concept of coastal territories development selected at the open international contest supported by Moscow Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning. Where it is possible, the river inland waterway will be restored, ports in the Moscow-City, ZiL near „Zaryadye„ Park will appear. In general, about 40 modern public spaces will be created along the river“, — shared Kuznetsov.

In particular, large recreation zone by the water will be created in the park „Krasnaya Presnya“: here, like in the Gorki Park, a special wooden deck will be built for cafés or a beach zone. As Sergey Kuznetsov says, investors are interested in creation of new public spaces. A third part of the projects are implemented at the expense of private investments.

Images: Sipko, Moscomarchitecture



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