House-waterfall, Mosfilmovskaya street

10 April 2023

Terracotta facades, stepped terraces, rounded building corners and seamless glazing - these features of the new Stories residential complex create associations with a cascading waterfall. The project was developed by Nikken Sekkei, a Japanese architectural bureau, which has been working in Russia for a long time. This was said by Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov.

“The residential complex project was developed by the Japanese bureau Nikken Sekkei and will have appeared on Mosfilmovskaya Street by 2026. One of the facades will be made in the form of steps resembling a cascade of a waterfall, and rounded corners, seamless glazing, horizontal decks, the natural color of the facades and panoramic glass terraces will enhance this impression,” explained Sergey Kuznetsov, Chief Architect of Moscow.

As conceived by the architects, the new residential complex will consist of two buildings: Stories Tower, 99 meters high, with 277 apartments, and Terrace House, 40 meters high, with 152 apartments. The two-tiered stylobate, which serves as the basis for the buildings, will house infrastructure facilities: offices and retail spaces.

In Japanese culture, the waterfall symbolizes infinity and serves as a source of inspiration. It is believed that the cascading waterfall in the garden helps to free the mind, move away from everything superfluous and enjoy the moments of life. This philosophy is also implemented in the Stories architecture.

“Stories is unique in its architecture - there is a maximum amount of panoramic glazing, and the apartment design has about 20 convenient and well-thought-out layouts. The soft forms of buildings and terraces descending to the 3rd floor create associations with a waterfall. And all this is thanks to the decisions of the designers, who perfectly fit the project into the green landscape of Mosfilmovskaya Street,” says Yury Aleksandrovich Kogan, Commercial Director of October Group.

Images: Nikken Sekkei


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