Events Sergey Kuznetsov presented a monograph on Zaryadye Park

23 July 2018
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Within the framework of the Moscow Urban Forum a fundamental publication about the main project of contemporary Russian architecture, Zaryadye Park, was presented.

The 344-page monograph Zaryadye drafted by the order of the Moscow Architectural Committee in 2017 tells the history if the main park of the new Russia, Zaryadye Park, and at the same time takes the reader into the depths of centuries, the history of the same-named area in the heart of Moscow, near the Kremlin walls. The book consists of several parts. The first part is dedicated to the process of creation of the park: the interviews with the project participants, photographs of the construction site, exclusive materials give a picture of the great accomplishment of Russian architects, landscape designers, engineers, builders and other experts that took two and a half years of hard work. The other part shows the stages of the development of the area around Zaryadye.

In the end of the book comes an essay by architect Mikhail Belov and journalist Maxim Kononenko on the new Zaryadye, with colorful photographs of this marvel of landscape architecture in the heart of the ancient Moscow.

“We wanted to immortalize the creation of such a significant place as Zaryadye in history, so that the future generations won’t have to search for documents and evidence in archives. Thanks to this book they will have the history of this place at their fingertips. This books is also a way to look at the process from the outside and to analyze our work,” said the chief architect of Moscow, Sergey Kuznetsov.

Charles Renfro, partner of Diller Scofidio + Renfro (DS + R) said that Zaryadye was created for generations to come: “It will be nice to see how the park has changed in many years, compared with the “starting point”. The book itself looks great.”

“There were a lot of different events dedicated to Zaryadye. I was raised in a family of architects and they always said that a building is not complete until a book had been written about it. After we inaugurated the park, there were 2-3 months of constant correspondence about various news. And I realized how important it is to read about the building after it was built. The time it took to write this book was worth it. After all, we all have our history. A book of this level involving outstanding authors, critics and journalists is a great thing and I’m looking forward to reading it,” said Pyotr Kudryavtsev, a partner at Citymakers.

Mary Margaret Jones, president and senior director of Hargreaves Associates, added, “I would like to thank everyone who worked on the book. It is the result of a great effort. I cannot wait to see what the park will look like 10 years from now. No one can know what will happen next and how it will change.”

Among the authors of the book: expert in architecture of the Russian Middle Ages, deputy director of the Moscow Kremlin Museums Andrey Batalov; publicist, former editor-in-chief of Project Russia magazine Anatoly Belov; architect Mikhail Belov; blogger, columnist of Russia Today Maksim Kononenko; managing partner of Citymakers Pyotr Kudryavtsev; publicist, expert in the architecture of Soviet modernism Nikolay Malinin, and many others.

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