Department Store on the ZIL territory will have facades preserved from the former Press Shop design

21 June 2017
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Committee for architecture and urban planning agreed on the project of a housing complex with underground parking on the territory of the former ZIL factory. In the first three levels of the building there will be a department store with facades consisting of elements preserved from the former factory Press Shop design, as the Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov said.

The housing complex project (lot No.8) has been developed by Meganom Architecture Bureau. The building consists of four residential towers and a three-level stylobate section that will accommodate a department store, cafes, retail outlets, and a supermarket. Its facades overlooking the main boulevard will include elements replicated from the historic facade of the former Press shop.

«As previously noted by Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin, ZIL is the largest project of the former industrial zone reorganization in Europe. The area is to have the developed cultural and social functions; that’s why, of course, it is important to maintain the identity of the place. So, we approved the project of the housing estate, which will become one of the unique buildings of the Central Boulevard; the facades of the former factory shop are expected to be preserved with the stained glass replaced» said Sergey Kuznetsov.

The total height of the complex is 75 meters. Four residential towers will have 20 floors. The facades are planned to be faced with stemalite. The residential section is to have 639 apartments with glazed loggias. The preserved walls of the factory facility will be plastered and painted; the 1st level of the residential section is planned to be coated with decorative concrete panels imitating basalt.

Three underground levels are designed to accommodate parking for 1016 cars.


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