Chief Architect of Moscow will Present "Russian Ideal" Project at Archstoyanie Festival

12 April 2021
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A project called “Russian Ideal” by Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov will be presented at the Archstoyanie-2021 Festival in Nikola-Lenivets.

“There is an opinion that the quality of production traditionally suffers in Russia, and in architecture we cannot achieve a high level of implementation. At the same time, there are many talented Russian architects with very interesting ideas. Remember, in Venice at one time there was a "Russian Poor" exhibition, where artists created art objects from scrap materials. There it was only about art, but not about quality. My project is a kind of dialogue with that Venetian exposition. I want to show that in Russia you can do cool perfectionist things - our "Russian Ideal", and the discussion should be built not only around ideas, but also touch on completely material things. I am convinced that today the quality of implementation is the most urgent agenda of all. And for me it is very Personal, because I try to make my projects as perfect as possible, and all of them bear the imprint of “Russianness”, even if we  work with foreign architects” - explained the author of the project Sergey Kuznetsov.

The pavilion will be made in the shape an elongated metal cylinder, which will be placed on a surface with a difference in height. The structure with a picturesque console will be "hanging" in the middle of the forest. In functional terms, it will be a full-fledged residential building with all the necessary communications. Guests can easily cook dinner, take a shower and sleep in comfortable beds. The finishing will use wear-resistant elements that will make the architecture more varied and interesting. It is planned to use wood in the interior, while the bedside tables, chairs and kitchen will be made of metal. KROST Company is responsible for the technical implementation of the project.

“In this project, we are researching new things that will then go into mass production. The fact that colleagues from KROST, with their love for experiment and self-improvement, decided to support my project and make this cylindrical volume, is a great success for me. We will try to do everything at the highest level and develop our competencies in construction, technology, architecture” - added Sergey Kuznetsov. 


We spent last year in isolation from the world, and I am convinced that we have not yet fully realized the great significance of this forced seclusion. Left alone with the Personal, we were at the same time alone with the Russian. The rusty process of the search for identity still rattles, but it has already started. And it goes, following our fellow citizens — through the endless fields of the Motherland.

And where to start looking for answers to intimate questions, if not in Nikola-Lenivets — «It’s Russia! — Russian scents unfold», and a «hut» by Anna Shchetinina as if on purpose beckons to the forest. However, I would like to turn to another project — to the memorable exhibition «Russian Poor», in which the curator Marat Gelman, inspired by wooden sculptures from the Perm Art Museum, decided to combine the works of Russian contemporary artists from simple, deliberately «poor» materials — cardboard, old boards, rubber, iron, coal, tiles, polyethylene, soap and even dust. The participants, including Valery Koshlyakov, Alexander Brodsky, Nikolai Polissky, Anatoly Osmolovsky, made an attempt to find beauty in the simplest, to turn to the deep foundation of art. As a result, we got an excellent image of «poor» but «spiritual» Russia, but Russian reality is much more diverse, colorful and significant.

Let’s get rid of the complex that something cannot be done perfectly in Russia, which, due to the mythical peculiarities of the national character, is beyond our control, for example, to implement a project that will be admired all over the world. Moreover, by virtue of my profession and many years of experience working with both chamber projects and large-scale city plans, I am interested in the internal coincidences of what you are doing with what and from what.

Our statement is «Russian ideal». We can do something Ideal and Russian. The project was actually embodied in the form of a Pipe — a symbol, of course, ironic, but at the same time powerful. Our natural resources flow through it — oil, gas, and so a Russian architect came and built an Ideal Pipe on Russian land. Polished steel sparkles flawlessly in the sun, surrounded by fragrant greenery. This very simple form contains an important message — we can do something Ideal and Russian, but this requires effort and care. And for me it is very Personal, because I try to make my projects as perfect as possible, and they all bear the imprint of «Russianness», even if we work with foreign architects. Our Pipe literally resembles a cartridge, its direction is a cliché about «nothing can be done well in Russia, they do it better abroad». And I am convinced that this shot will hit the target.

* * *

As a reminder, the Nikola-Lenivets Park contains a whole collection of contemporary art, both abstract installations and residential pavilions by famous artists and architects. Traditionally, new art objects appear for the Archstoyanie Festival, which this year will be held on July 23-25 under the theme «Personal».

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