Centre of Russian Emigré Studies to Have Chameleon Facades

12 July 2017
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The facades of the new building of the Solzhenitsyn Centre of Russian Emigré Studies at Nizhnyaya Radishchevskaya str., 2, bld. 3 will be made up of vertical cladding panels, shimmering with varying colors and having a spectacular evening illumination.

The Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov said that, under the approved architectural and city planning solution for the Centre of Russian Emigré Studies reconstruction project, a four-storey annex building will be adjacent to the south-west side of the historical building where the centre has been located until recently. Owing to its bright and modern design the new building volume will be visually separated from the old one. The junction section will be emphasized by means of full glazing which will be illuminated in the evening.

The facades of the historic building, which is a cultural heritage site of XIX century, will be completely restored; indoor premises, including the attic, will be equipped for research work.

The new four-storey building will accommodate exhibition spaces, movie and concert hall with second-level space, snack bar, cloakroom, underground storage facility and parking. Modern museum and exhibition technologies and equipment will used there.

«In late 2010, the Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin said that the authorities intended to design the new building for the Centre of Russian Emigré Studies. Then he pointed out that the new building will have halls to exhibit the items currently in storage. The new building’s unusual facades consisting of vertical composite cassettes having bluish shade will shimmer with different colors during the day. In the evening the whole annex, including a spacious hall with a solid stained-glass panel will be brightly illuminated, throwing light on a small outdoor recreation space,» said Sergey Kuznetsov. There are plans to install contemporary sculptures and create additional walking paths.

The total area of the new building — 4 742 sq. m, the building under reconstruction — 725 sq. m. The designer is ZAO Terra Auri. The reconstructed building of the Centre of Russian Emigré Studies is scheduled to open within the current year.


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