Big Circle Line to link up with MCC in 2022

29 May 2018

This new connection will happen following the completion of a new metro line section between the Ulitsa Novatorov and Sevastopolsky Prospekt stations.

In 2022, the Moscow Metro Big Circle Line will link up with the Moscow Central Circle (MCC) railway after the new metro line between the Ulitsa Novatorov and Sevastopolsky Prospekt stations is completed, Head of the City Department of Construction Andrei Bochkaryov said.

Initially, the new metro line was to have linked Ulitsa Novatorov station on the metro Big Circle Line with the district of Kommunarka in the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas. It was later decided to extend the line from Ulitsa Novatorov towards central Moscow.

The 6.5-kilometre Ulitsa Novatorov-Sevastopolsky Prospekt section will include three stations: Ulitsa Stroitelei, Akademicheskaya, and Sevastopolsky Prospekt. Ulitsa Novatorov station and the Big Circle Lines station with same name will act as a transit link/hub, while another transit link/hub featuring Sevastopolsky Prospekt station and the MCC’s Krymskaya station will also open.

“The Big Circle Line will handle at least twice as many passengers than the MCC. Lateral routes will link many city districts. Some of the line’s sections will reduce travel time two- or three-fold,” Mr Bochkaryov said.

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