A House with Arches is to Appear in Panorama of Savvinskaya Embankment

06 February 2017
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Architectural Bureau «Tsimailo Lyashenko and Partners» with assistance from the French Company Antonini Darmon, has designed an apartment building with facades consisting of two-story arches. The house will be built in the 1st Truzhenikov lane, 16, bld. 16 and become a part of the city «river facade» from the side of Savvinskaya Embankment.

The house layout is in a shape of a compact rectangle, shifted to the western side of the site to leave enough space for the inner courtyard, as well as to make most of the apartments oriented to the side of the Moscow River. The courtyard is connected with the embankment through the 4-storey arch which forms the direction of a new pedestrian area.

The residential entrances can be accessed from the yard at the level of the ground floor; and from the level of the underground floor — if approached from the embankment side, which is due to the roughness of the surrunding relief. Entrance halls are designed following the uniform level of floor-street line.

The design of the facade, devised in cooperation with Antonini Darmon, consists of combinations of 2-storey arches varying in sizes and proportions. The arches extend 80 cm beyond the internal part of the house, creating a light tracery mesh over the glazing.

The arches are made of high quality white architectural concrete. Maximum number of stained glass constructions is used to face the facades of the ground floors and entrances to the residential part.

At the lower part of each arch, apartments have entrances to balconies with a width of 800 mm. The apartments located at the top of the arches have French balconies. All the apartments (except the ground floor) have through orientation or, if they have small area, they are waterfront-oriented. Two-storey penthouses are situated on the two upper floors. On the ground floor, there are premises for the children’s center and apartments that are placed 1.5 m above the entrance areas.

The total area of the residential complex is 23 thousand sq. m. The Project was approved by Committee for architecture and urban planning of Moscow.


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