Architectural Council meetings

At the monthly meetings of the Architectural Council of Moscow architectural projects and solutions that are the most significant to the city are discussed — ones that concern historic buildings, squares and highways of city-wide importance. Each member of the Architectural Council of Moscow expresses his or her opinion on the submitted project. The result of a project consideration at an Architectural Council session becomes the decision on the basis on which a Certificate of Architecture and Urban Planning Solution (АГР) is issued or rejection reasons are given with the necessary recommendations to revise the project.


Archcouncil Returned Project of Multifunctional Complex on Leningradsky Prospekt for Revision

Archcouncil of Moscow returned a project of a multifunctional complex
09 November 2020

Archcouncil sent the reconstruction project for Army Surplus Store on Vozdvizhenka back for review

Architectural Council of Moscow sent the reconstruction project for a multifunctional center on 10
25 April 2019

Architectural Council of Moscow approved the concept of Textilshchiki Metro station of the BKL

At the meeting on March 6, the Archcouncil of Moscow approved the concept of Tekstilshchiki Metro
27 March 2019

Archcouncil rejected design project of Michurinsky Prospekt metro station

Archcouncil of Moscow has rejected the design project of the metro station at the intersection of
14 November 2018

Archcouncil of Moscow approved the project of the apartment complex on Sadovoye Koltso

Today, the Moscow City Council reviewed the project by the Dutch studio MVRDV at the
08 February 2018

Archcouncil of Moscow to Consider a Project by MVRDV on Sadovoye Koltso

The project by the Dutch studio MVRDV at the intersection of Sadovoye Koltso and
24 January 2018

Sergey Kuznetsov introduced new members of Archcouncil

The membership of the Architectural Council of Moscow was renewed. Chief Architect
04 August 2017

Archcouncil Approved the Project of the Residential Building with a Pool on the Shelepikhinskaya Embankment

The Architectural Council of Moscow unanimously approved the construction of Kandinsky
25 July 2017

Archcouncil approved the concept of the Military Academy development on the Moskvoretskaya Embankment

On May 31, Architectural council of Moscow has considered preliminary concept
14 June 2017

ArchCouncil approved project of residential house in Khamovniki

The ArchCouncil of Moscow supported the project of a residential house
09 June 2017

ArchCouncil invited experts for consultations on modernist Library Restoration Project

The ArchCouncil of Moscow decided to postpone the reconstruction project of the burnt
29 May 2017

ArchCouncil Sent Back Project of Housing Estate on Simonovskaya Embankment for Refinement

The Architectural Council of Moscow recommended that Bureau «Tsimailo Lyashenko and
20 May 2017

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