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от 09 March 2017

VDNKh presents concept of future amusement park

09 March 2017

The first leg of the theme park is planned for completion by autumn 2018. An open tender will select the developer of a new amusement park at VDNKh. The main concept has been already presented at the Tender Exchange project.

«The city will invest money in the theme park and become its owner. Therefore, it was very important for us to present the project to those who are building this city and are ready for an open discussion and cooperation. The funding of this project will be provided by the Targeted Investment Programme. An open tender will select a management company that will be in charge of the entire process.» This is what VDNKh Director General Yekaterina Pronicheva said.

To participate in the tender, a contractor must be a member of a self-regulatory organisation and be licensed to work with cultural heritage facilities.

«Proposed rates will be our main criteria in selecting a winner. In qualification assessment, we will be seeking extensive construction and beautification experience, experience in delivery and installation of equipment for amusement rides as well as financial resources.» This has come from the VDNKh Deputy Director General Yelizaveta Buyanova.

The theme park will occupy an area of 17.3 hectares in the southern part of VDNKh. It is expected that the first leg will be completed by autumn 2018. The project is expected to attract around two million visitors a year. Moreover, the park will create over 1,300 jobs.

The buildings located in the southern part of VDNKh, including the Circular Panorama cinema, pavilions 7, 8, 9 (Seeds, Young Natural Scientists, Young Engineers) and the former Bread shop (building 517), are awaiting renovation.


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