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от 07 April 2017

Unique sport facility to replace old Dynamo Stadium

07 April 2017

The new cluster will include a sport facility and a concert-entertainment complex, a sport academy and a city park.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and VTB Bank CEO Andrei Kostin inspected the Dynamo Stadium project and the metro’s Petrovsky Park station on the new Third Interchange Circuit.

«A unique sport facility is being built here in place of the old Dynamo Stadium. This facility is unique for Moscow and the entire country. A football pitch and an ice arena are located under one roof. We will later build an eight-hectare park with sport-training facilities,» Mr. Sobyanin said. To make this facility more accessible, the nearby Petrovsky Park metro station will be finished before the year is out, he added.

Mr. Kostin thanked the Moscow Government and Mr. Sobyanin for building this station and called it a gift for sport fans. «We are set to open the sport facility in the spring of 2018. The academy will be completed somewhat later, due to purely logistical issues linked with the simultaneous construction of both facilities. Although this facility will not host 2018 FIFA World Cup matches, we are planning to open it this spring,» Mr. Kostin noted.

A residential area will allow residents to take up sport here. «We are cooperating very closely with the city government, and would like to thank you very much for this. You helped us a lot at all stages because this truly impressive project has received funding of about $1.5 billion,» Mr. Kostin noted.

Dynamo sport, cultural and entertainment centre

The Dynamo Central Stadium was built in 1928 to a design by architects Arkady Langman and Lazar Cherikover. Initially, the horseshoe-shaped stadium faced Petrovsky Park. The eastern grandstand was completed in 1936, completely enclosing the stadium while upping seat capacity to 54,000. It remained the city’s main sport arena until 1956 when Luzhniki stadium was opened.

The stadium was partially rebuilt for the 1980 Summer Olympic Games and the 1998 World Youth Games. On 22 November 2008, the stadium hosted its last match and was closed for comprehensive renovation.

Under the VTB Arena Park project, a new sport centre, consisting of the VTB Arena/Central Dynamo Stadium, the Dynamo Sport Academy and the Dynamo Sport Park is being built.

The city will receive an entirely new sport, cultural and entertainment centre with a modern football stadium, a small sport arena, a sport-training facility and a public park.

The upgraded VTB Arena/Central Dynamo Stadium will feature a large football stadium for 26,319 spectators and a multipurpose sport hall for ice hockey and basketball games that will also host concerts. The latter will seat 11,488-14,000 people. The entire eight-storey stadium will have an area of 206,000 square metres and an underground floor with a car park for 719 vehicles.


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